Hornets Head Coaching search (2022)

JB is laughing his @ss off.

Prediction for draft night next year

The hornets have traded lamelo ball to the Lakers for 213 2nd round picks.

Can we get a social media outrage going at the Hornets org? #UnfollowHornets , not really catchy but damn they need to feel the heat from their fans/former fans at this point. This is beyond stupid.

As I said with fewer words last night, we must stop trying to find a plan in the insane Jackson Pollock splatter shot that is this franchise.

I’m out for a while. Good luck everyone

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Feel like I should repost this on every thread

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What couldn’t get Mike dunlap? OK I’m one of few like Clifford, but time to move on. And not for this team and roster…hell nooooooo!

What complete bulshit and reversal and slap in face.

2018 JB even before mello. We’re going to Play fast open watchable offense, develop players.

Let’s mulligan that and go back to glory days of 98-97 games and MKGs.

All of that roster gone, Who even fits?

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I don’t know. This choice dovetails nicely with the insane and absurd last several years of general reality. Why should basketball be immune?

In some ways, OF COURSE we’d hire Steve Clifford.

No worries, we will fire Mitch and hire Cho soon

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Sweet Fancy Moses…. I adopted this team around 2014 or so. I moved to SC from Arkansas and had no allegiance to a team.

WTF was I thinking?

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Guess this confirms what most thought. After KA turned down the job, those that were passed over, said no thanks. With a prerequisite of HC experience, options were limited. Not really familiar with SC. Only restarted watching about 3 years ago. But going back to previous fired coach screams desperation. Not good. How many times was Billy Martin the Yankees manager?

Feel real comfortable that the low pay assistants thing is a fact at this point. There’s no other way I can understand this situation without that as a guide post.

We are going to have one of the slower paces in the league with Lamelo Ball. LOL.

Maybe Cliff has evolved.

Maybe. But it would be luck if that was the case, not a strategy playing out.

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MJ looks like he’s selling the hornets . That is the only way the the organization can fuc$ us so bad. They got to know how bad they are screwing the fans , season ticket holders . It isn’t funny at all.

Still want Mo Bamba lol? Cliff wouldn’t play’im.

Was think same, $…keep assistants, pay less than other head coach while paying JB 4.6 million.

Add what Mitch said from start after fire JB, team needs discipline and passion. The substitute gone kids, teacher back and no more shenanigans.

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I have decided that Steve Clifford is the best goddamned coach that has ever lived. I won’t be convinced otherwise.


My goodness. Clifford isn’t a bad coach but he’s not a coach for young players. Mason Plumlee big minutes the rest of the way. Give me JB back. Haha damnit.

Alright guys it’s been real. I’m going to take my break glass in case of emergency hornets cyanide pill. Cheers.