Hornets Head Coaching search (2022)

Welp Bouk is done, Lamelo might be too. MCW gets a return to the league.

We will win games though. We are also probably signing Cody Martin to a max

We need a 30 for 30 done starting with the ATL Play In Game

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Pushing me over the Hornets edge , Damn I am all but done.

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Goodbye LaMelo (sigh)


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I was willing to mentally work through the draft bs… but this?.. This is insanity. Screw this team.


This works IF he is on a short term deal. This works. We get to start a new - hopefully in two years w a new coach search. AND Melo will be playing defense by then.

How long before we trade Bouknight?

For the love of everything this organization is turning into a joke. Sad thing though is not totally unexpected

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You cannot tell me he was the best candidate out there. No f’in way.

Why would the best want to be a 2nd choice? We had limited options.

I don’t care how limited the options were, had to be somebody better than this period.

Can we get a welcome back cater I meant Steve thread going?


:rofl::rofl::rofl: that’s all I can do. There’s no defense left in me for this team. Just have to wait and see what the results are on the court.

No decent assistants that actually want a head coaching job? I guess given this franchise I wouldn’t want it either. Seriously, I don’t want to get banned but man I want to just rage at this point. This is beyond ridiculous. I thought the Panthers had gone downhill… Horncats had to show them whats what.

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Magic fans must be laughing their asses off. They were so relieved to be done with Cliff.


I’ll root for him of course, he coaches my team. But I absolutely hate how he does things.

How about Clifford head on the rock gif doing “finally Clifford has come back to Charlotte!”

Firing Borrego for Clifford. I mean what’s the point. They’re the same picture.gif; Spidermen pointing.gif

Thought they were firing the overachieving guy to get a finisher to make noise. LarryDavid-eeeehhhhh.gif

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