Hornets Head Coaching search (2022)

How bout we just wait til the draft is over to start packing our bags. I’m worried too, but we’ll find out soon enough how dumb or smart the Hornets are.

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True hope four the best

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I’m there, but I also like backup plans.

Atkinson’s stunning reversal forced the Hornets to scramble for a solution and they could be turning to a familiar face. Steve Clifford is a serious candidate for the vacant head coaching job, multiple NBA sources with direct knowledge told The Charlotte Observer.

Per league sources, Clifford met with owner Michael Jordan and Kupchak this week to discuss the position. Jordan also did the same with Mike D’Antoni, who was considered the runner-up to Atkinson.

With looming determinations on the futures of restricted free agents Miles Bridges and Cody Martin, among others, the Hornets’ current situation is far from ideal. But Kupchak underscored they have a plan of attack ready to execute soon.

“We know what we want to do with our free agents,” he said. “That’s not going to change with a coach. Having said that, free agency starts in six days. Maybe we’ll have a coach in six days. Maybe we’ll go 10 days. So, I would like to have a coach.”

Read more at: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/charlotte-hornets/article262801543.html#storylink=cpy

So much to unpack there but the That’s not going to change with a coach indicates to me that JB didn’t have a say in this and neither will the next coach.

I can’t imagine a much worse outcome for a coaching search.


Do we just not like D’Antoni or what? Just hire that man.

If they hire Clifford…

So terrible. I don’t like him one bit for LaMelo. Melo will leave for sure. Melo isn’t kemba in the personality and leadership space. He doesn’t have kembas will to win or be coached.


Yeah, firing a guy so that you can hire the guy that you fired to pick Borrego in the first place would be the most Bobcats thing to ever happen to us.


Summer League starts July 7th, 13 days, I would think you would want a coach in 6-7 days, to get a staff together and be ready for Summer League.

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We have a staff in place technically regardless of whether or not we get a new coach and new staff. But yeah I do agree that we need whoevwr it is to be in place before then, and hinestly need one before Free Agency

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What a cluster this has become

Does an NBA coach even matter? Name one team who has won without great talent…

Name one team that has won without a coach

I’m fairly sure that the Space Jam team had no coach.

HAH! In your face!

Lebron’s or Jordan’s?

If MDA is going to be our coach, surely we wouldn’t be interviewing any other candidates and would have gone straight to negotiating terms? First choice backs out, go to the second choice … simple enough.

The longer this takes the less likely MDA becomes, to my mind at least.


2025 “Hornets are letting Steve Clifford go and will hire Jim Borego to take over as head coach”

But I feel like we should have just kept JB at this point. I didn’t love him but I hate the thought of our young guys with Clifford even more. Kill me… take the pain away.

I’d rather have Stotts than Stifford. Stotts was really good offensively with Portland, and they were in the playoffs like 8 straight years, with a couple appearances in the conference finals or semis.

He’s proven he can get there. Much less mediocre than Stiffler has been.


Cleve Stifford is official:


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