Hornets Head Coaching search (2022)

Nobody disagrees that Hayward is net positive in the team, the argument is he make 30+mil for 2 more years, which is way over the top. Especially, when we don’t wanna pay Miles anywhere close to that (given that Miles tops ppg, 2nd in rpg, and 3rd in apg).


Read a story on some site saying we should consider Dawn Staley as our head coach .The woman has had one hell of a career . Championships , in both playing and coaching in the wnba and Olympic gold medals . She is a winner for sure. But i think we would have to hire a strong assistant to back her up.

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Dude. No one really wants to have to dump gordon, but where is the money going to come from to sign miles let alone do anything else other than sign miles.

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I love Dawn and think she’s great, but I don’t think this is the situation for her.

Okay, sure. We don’t trade away Hayward. Where is the money coming from to sign anyone else? Especially with the new miles deal.

And that’s when you’ll say “trade away Oubre, plumlee, and etc”.

That’ll leave us with ZERO depth. Remember how bad some of these teams were in the past when we had no depth? I do. Last year was the first time we had decent depth and we needed it so bad.

…because Hayward missed another 40 games or whatever.

I want to trade Hayward only if it makes us better… not as a salary cap dump. He’s too good to just let him go for nothing. I’ve said it before, but this isn’t a Batum situation.

It would turn out as a big fan move. People around hear love her. All so first woman head coach who is one of the best of all time. It could only help the hornets rep.

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That’s fine, but answer the question.

Where is the money coming from that doesn’t require us depleting our depth??

I don’t WANT to trade gordon either but the salary cap and luxury tax is a real thing. In reality here.

The thing about all this bullshit is we have the money to stay under the cap and sign both of our draft picks. It seams as if the organization is in a panic to lose money. We just need to slow down tonight and not make any stupid moves. We can trade Hayward tomorrow if it is to our benefit.

My question is, what happens when we send a pick to Indiana just to dump Hayward salary and supposedly solve the center problem with Turner then He misses 40 games? We waste the pick and still have a hole in the rotation due to an oft injured player.

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We sign Miles at 25 and we can maneuver our way around the tax next year with Hayward, and next year he will be and expiring and be able to get more.

Can’t wrap my mind around dumping a good player like that for little reason.

Yes, we would have a ton more flex with Hayward off books, but if the goal is to bring in veterans isn’t sending out a vet for no return the opposite?

But acting like it is inconceivable that we could avoid lux tax with Hayward and Bridges on roster seems premature to me.

Gotta get back some sort of talent for him or I am not on board. I realize I may be in the minority here but again, if the goal is to be a good team, dumping Hayward hurts that in the immediate future.

If the goal was to retool I would be right with you on dumping Hayward because he serves less value if we are going for lottery balls instead of wins, but seems like we are not there right now.

If we’re sending out Gordon and adding a pick to it (I pray we will not send out more than one pick if we do that), then the irony of getting back an oft-injured player that has played LESS games than Gordon would be pretty funny. Especially if a center when we know the Zeller 65% games played experience.

I never said I necessarily wanted Turner.

We don’t have to have and immediate solution when we send away Hayward. It gives us the flexibility to find a solution. We can find a solution if there’s no flexibility to do so.

And it’s not even about necessarily finding a center. It’s about having cap space…for anything. If we keep Hayward and sign miles we’re going to be right up against the luxury tax and can do nothing.

How is being up against the luxury tax going to help us solve the center position?

News just said we might send both picks to the Pistons along with them taking on Hayward for nothing in return. To have cap space.

I pray we are not that foolish Dav

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Chef washed hands of hornets and walks away

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Cap room to sign Shabazz?

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I think i will be walking right behind you
Teams that do things like that are clearing the books to sell the said team.

Maybe get Wayne Ellington too.