Hornets Head Coaching search (2022)

The first time I saw Jason Maxiel play I told my brother he looks like some guy we just found outside the stadium and asked to suit up

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He was totally and completely done when he pkayed for us. Wow

Mason Plumlee seems like a big Clifford type player also… which terrifies me.

No way Clifford should be brought back to this team in any capacity

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If they bring Clifford back…

:joy: :joy: :joy:

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Okay not to be a d!ck or anything but the thought of bringing Steve back MIGHT work:

  1. Mike knows what he is getting and he will fit like an old shoe - literally!
  2. Clearly Steve would be a “transition” “rebound guy” coach and a temporary stop gap
  3. Dudes would play D or else (and Steve won’t give one funk about their feelings)
  4. He’s affordable, available AND he will show up for work on the 1st day
  5. We could move on from him in 2 years FULLY recovered and healed after the psychological trauma inflicted on us by the GSW.

It adds up.

Downside: A tab bit embarrassing and ZERO interest in player development (as pointed out already)

Well d@mn…that’s the funniest thing you ever said!

However, they didn’t play any defense his last year w/ the org. He’s got the same capacity to lose the locker room as the guy he would be replacing. He also has none of the offensive creativity to offset any turn-down on defense (and has far less tools for the job sans Nic and MKG). AND, if this management group wants to see rookies and 2nd year guys play, they didn’t catch much of his 2013-2018 TV series.

Also, I would imagine too much of an old-fashioned style and heavy pressure on defense might turn Lamelo away from the organization. That would really suck, as Lamelo and Co. can be the next Memphis/GSW/Dallas in CLT imo.

And call him McBob out of spite knowing that he hates that name.

FO down to Clifford? Man, Lets just take this huge outside of box swing instead of another retread…if not work, sucks we still suck again and lose stars again, but man this would be wild…

The Charlotte Hornets’ perfect solution at head coach? Dawn Staley, and here’s why

Read more at: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/scott-fowler/article262755508.html#storylink=cpy

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This Steve Clifford thing reminds me of the video where they’re asking Lil Wayne about about the top 5 rappers list and they say “Gucci,” and he replies “Gucci who?”

Edit: first typed “Stiff Clifford” by accident. Edited it. But also…

If Clifford is the coach, I may have to pack it in.

Not because I don’t like Clifford but because lol the franchise. It’s hopeless


Agreed. Plus if they attach picks to salary dump without any good players coming back? I may be done too.


What’s Dave Cowens doing noawadays? If we are going to get a guy in their 70’s might as well be him

I have to agree. We need to be looking at the future not going backwards. MJ and Co needs to do something really good with this hire let’s be honest.

Bringing back Clifford would be so lol awful to me that I don’t think I could ever take them seriously again.

Who wants sloppy seconds? If a guy is happy w sloppy seconds then do we REALLY want him? What about the players? How much can the players respect a dude who was not the first choice? A term limited (2 years) transition coach could be the solution.

Yes Cliff beyond a couple of years will drive away players. He’s an old leather shoe and we are trying to build a Ferrari. But I would take Cliff over MDA.

Ya wrong thread but want to respond here. So the report is we would trade Hayward and the 13th pick “if” Duren is available. That’s basically it. No mention of getting anything of much value back other than cap relief.

IF TRUE that would be an admission that the GH signing was a massive failure that you had to give away a highly valuable draft pick to get out of. Awful.

First - this is reporting, not fact. Second - Duren is pretty unlikely to be available at pick 13.

Sam Vecenie just updated his mock to have Duren available at 13.

Also, once again a rumor coming from and benefitting one team while seemingly not doing much for us.

Seems really suspect and honestly I don’t buy it. If they want Duren that bad they can pay for him.

Hayward is a net positive in the court for us. Don’t know why everyone is ready to dump his ass like Batum (who can go F himself lol).

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