Hornets Head Coaching search (2022)

Definitely misremembering some of the players reactions there. Still a no for me. This hire is literally a one shot deal to keep lamelo. If they get wrong, he’s gone.

In 2010 the warriors were purchased for $450 million. That’s a pretty good ROI

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Yea, it’s a sobering thought. Sadly, I think you’re spot on. It really is that simple and, therefore, critical.

Jake Fischer just posted this: Latest NBA Head Coaching Buzz: Sources Peg Mark Jackson as Kings Favorite | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

Says Mark Jackson is the frontrunner for Kings. Mentions D’antoni, Snyder, Stackhouse, Mike Brown, Kenny Atkinson as our current “list of interest”

Even suggests some mutual interest there. Snyder turned down an extension last summer and has one guaranteed year left with a coach option the following year. Also says he has most momentum to be Pops successor eventually.

Also mentioned that Morey has soured on Rivers, and that Rivers has his eyes on the Lakers job. Mentioned that D’antoni has been rumored to be the guy in Philly if 6ers and Rivers part ways.

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I will be very disappointed with D’Antoni.If that is the choice, should have just stuck with JB. Unless the goal is to score 116 ppg while giving up 118.

Edit: Didn’t realize he’s 70.

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Put me down for Ham. I think he is ready.

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Atkinson or Ham.

I think I’m

  1. Ham
  2. Atkinson
  3. D’Antoni
  4. Lee Jr.
  5. Snyder
  6. The field

But 1 and 2 could flip for me without issue.

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Atkinson, Snyder and the only way I touch D’Antoni is if he is an assistant coach to boost the office and a defensive minded coach to go along with him.

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D’Antoni fit superstar big time hire mentioned by founding.

Continue Mitch “showtime” required and JB implemented…get buckets, high pace, run & gun, shoot 3P, small ball. Also has some Mitch history tried to make his Suns offense and his guy Nash into another Lakers showtime, didn’t work out out with that old and injured team.

As chef said if defense want not our guy…IF its a FO considering anyhow. And old.

Experience in dealing with super star players and talented teams…HOF already established and veteran teams.
First and only year at Denver 14-36 only time have to to deal a bunch of kids and their problems?
Don’t remember much of biggest discipline guy…seems had experienced teams and stars expected handle those things.

Going to cost MJ money for coach, and expect a higher quality expensive group of assistants.

Would not be my top choice, but acknowledge may be biggest swing FO feels can take to get a LaFrance extension…if age not a problem to one of youngest team in league and a lot of guys great great grand dad.

Sweeney least experienced, least amount of info on, real real young

A JB beginning at video coordinator and then assistant coach
been with Kidd at nets, bucks, mavs
3 years b4 Dallas at Detroit

A Report Kidd when hired, demanded Cuban hire his “ defensive coordinator”
Nicknamed “Little Thibodoux”

Due diligence to make connection,
As has to be a huge reach even for a Hornets $2 million job right?

Really out there, try to pay enough money to leave Kidd to be D’Antono defense coach and possible next head?


In that order please

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According to Shams we have already met with D’antoni, he must have been the one we met with last week.

I heard a Silas rumor today


Did Silas and Atkinson cross paths with the Warriors?

I don’t have a strong preference about who the next coach should be. I’m not suggesting him but thinking about D’antoni, it would be interesting to see the evolution of our offense with Melo and incorporating the young guys under his direction. He could accentuate our strengths as well as anyone. He’s been pretty consistently good at putting winning teams on the floor whenever he’s had talent to work with so defensive weaknesses aside, he might still be able to help us improve and take that next step. Doubtful that he’s leading us to a championship with his style of play but we’re nowhere close to championship contention anyway. It would be about evolving.

If he could get us to consistently making the playoffs and on the doorstep of contending he would have served his purpose, similar to JB and we could move on. At his age, he’s probably not looking to do it too long anyway. Just thinking about the pressure to “get this right” I think maybe that means getting immediate progress and into the playoffs (i.e. taking that next step is more of a priority than finding our forever coach)

Assuming Stephen but just want to make sure since you made that legend comment.

Is there a preception that he’s done anything at HOU to warrant interest?

I like Lee Jr. Was a big Vanterpool fan when we hired JB, still curious why he was completely bypassed when Finch was hired in MIN.

Looks good in a suit

Harden MVP in league and strip clubs

Win games despite weak x/o & playcalling, no discipline & defense
Success give ball to superstar Harden (& Nash) to run offense & non defense and carry as far as can…veteran HOFs on veteran teams…no success with less and kids

Will age up Team…has a lot pieces to move and get old and some vets out there will want.