Hornets Head Coaching search (2022)

That was regarding Silas, not MDA. I am in favor of MDA, just have Ham ahead of him as far as preference.

I’m not too sure about MDA but he’d probably do some crazy things with LaMelo

So far i think we should interview JB . He seams to be better than all the other people applying for the job.

You have to appreciate that he took the best of Nash’s game and turned him into an MVP while making the Suns successful. It’s certainly interesting to think how he could help Melo develop if he can establish trust and a relationship.

I think the age (turns 71 soon) is a knock against. Not that his age precludes him from doing the job and doing it well but does it limit the duration he could man the post?

That and you’re always concerned about being in touch with current concepts and being able to relate to players.

I don’t know enough about coaches to have an opinion. Honestly, I think for the NBA a lot of times it’s lightening in a bottle: the right guy who can coach the right group of guys at the right time. Though, clearly there are coaches that better transcend roster change.

Not only just old, completely change how coach at 71.
While I not give enough credit for near hall of fame offensive coaching

Success with PHO & HOU veteran teams, with mature HOF stars Nash 30 & Harden 27

Never play rookies or projects, JB play more than MDA entire career.

Bad situation there man.

“Hey, let’s pay a young man nothing… and hope he relates to them. Has great coaching skills and pedigree. We are rebuilding and can reload later if it does not work.”

Kind of what I think happened when they hired him. Steven is brilliant, absolutely love him. He would be great here but I do think that it’s just a rumor or possibly a token (back channel) discussion.

D’antoni is one of the best basketball minds of his generation. Theres a reason Kobe looked up to him so much. I think that he was the head coach of Italy when Kobe lived there or something. While Steph Curry gets a ton of credit for the way the game is played today, it was D’antoni who was the originator of the 3s and paint points priority offense, and he might as well have a copyright on the “7 second offense”.

Understand the age hesitancy, but however good a coach is, you have to surround him with a foundation of great assistants that play to his strengths and help with any deficiencies, so if D’antoni and our evaluators feel he can contribute ultimately as head coach for a few years then I think it would be worth it.

Also, all reports indicate that IF Morey and Doc choose to part ways in Philly, D’antoni is near the top of the list for them if not at the top, so we may not even be first in line for him.

I like Ham but I want Atkinson. Its time he takes another head coaching gig and we need to be the ones to benefit from it.

I don’t have the superlatives to give the guy, but I sure hope he’s not judged for Houston. That was a train wreck.

I don’t have a ranked list, but the guys I’m interested in (in no order)

D’Antoni, Snyder, Ham

I’m very out on mark jackson.

I totally get the detractors for D’Antoni, but man pairing him with Melo is exciting. It certainly won’t fix the defense

I have an unrealistic hope yet the strongest of wishes we hire Ham as our head coach and give him Mike D’Antoni as his lead assistant and offensive coordinator.

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D’Antoni is not a defensive mastermind, but his teams typically haven’t been terrible on that end. He was an assistant for Nash, to help with the transition from player to coach, but I have a hard time seeing him as an assistant for anyone else.

His teams historically were much better defensively when he had a defensive coordinator. Bzdelik, as much as i loathed him as a WFU head coach, was a very competent defensive lieutenant in Houston.

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And that assistant coach you speak of is currently not coaching…so theoretically he could come onto the staff to join D’Antoni.

Which would be kinda great IMO

Bzdelik? He’s retired twice and would be 70 years old within a few weeks of the season start. I don’t think a 141 years combined between your top two coaches is a good mix for many reasons. Much prefer Ham get the head job with a D’Antoni OC chaser. And if MDA doesn’t favor an OC role, offer him a consulting stint.

Hey, 70 is the new 50.

Count me in on this.

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I’m 100% in on the idea of D’Antoni. I’d love to bring him in and hire a good, young assistant coach that can be in the wings ready to take over in a few years. D’Antoni’s teams have had some good defensive minded assistant coaches in the past, as mentioned above.

I can’t help but make the comparison. But I believe D’Antoni’s system can take LeMelo firmly into the superstar status. And Miles Bridges within that system could be Shawn Marion light. Miles would play the PF and PJ Washington would play at the 5. Gordon would be great in that system, but he’ll never stay healthy.

Having said, I think Rozier would need to be the odd man out there. We would need more of a 3 and D type of wing with a size. Like Raja Bell from those old Suns teams.

Nice video of that Suns system How a basic play became nearly unstoppable - YouTube