Hornets Head Coaching search (2022)

I definitely think Marion is a good model for Bridges’ game. While Miles may not become the rebounder that Marion was, I think he could definitely become the defensive player and even better scorer than Marion. There’s lots for the Ball/Bridges combo to learn from Nash/Marion games for sure.

Not sure I’m sold on Mike D, but there’s intrigue for sure.


Sixers eliminated, did our pursuit of D’antoni just get tougher?

The only way I can get behind D’Antoni is if we also bring in a high level, well regarded assistant to groom as his successor. Yes, we also need someone to run our D (and they maybe be one and the same person) but we must have someone who can learn from D’Antoni so we don’t loose his IP when the retirement home comes calling for him.

I will be crushed if this is the answer on the test.

Why? Vogel has developed players successfully. He’s won a championship. The guy is well known for his defensive schemes. Sure, Vogel has his warts, but he’s not a bad coach.


I have to agree. A respected, veteran coach wouldn’t be the worst thing with these guys at this point.

For all the criticism of D’Antoni, he’s been places we want to go. Deep in the playoffs, coaching MVP candidates, I mean who are we to be that critical in all honesty?

Circumstance just were not right - I mean in Houston he took them to 7 games against a hell of a Warriors team that was just destroying people. I like how he bounced back after that Lakers mess.

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That is why I don’t have issues with D’Antoni - that feels somewhat aspirational. Vogel doesn’t seem to scratch the itches of creativity a) and b) I wouldn’t feel as easy about inheriting him as he was flagged for dismissal for nearly a year. I am not as high on Quinn as most but think even that doesn’t have the feel that he’s been run out of his last/current role.

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I also don’t have the same issue with D’Antoni. People are acting we’re in the hunt for the finals and D’Antoni won’t be able to get there because he hasn’t in the past.

Hey people, we’re not hunting for the finals right now. We’re hunting for an identity and to develop an environment where our budding superstar (Lamelo) can flourish. And D’Antoni can do special things with a point guard. His system would offer a more clear direction than JB and our players seem to fit what he wants out of his teams.

Oh, and I don’t get the dislike for Vogel. He’s a phenomenal coach. But D’Antoni fits our current system more.

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For whatever confidence Heavy.com engenders.

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Lamelo will be a tall Stevie Nash, Miles will be Shawn Marion light, PJ Washington a shitty Amar’e Stoudemire, Rozier can be a Leandro Barbosa, and Gordon Hayward can be injured and in street clothes on the bench!

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Dear Hornets organization, I would formally like to apply for a marketing position. I have a good references that will support me, including Chef from HP.com

My phone will be ringing off the hook any moment now :smiley:

Ah, can you envision the sales pitch to Mike D’Antoni? "Hey mike, PJ Washington could be a shitty Amar’e and Gordon Hayward can be on IR!


You know who would be f*cking great in the D’Antoni system?

MO BAMBA. CAN YOU IMAGINE 6’7 LAMELO AND 7’0 MO BAMBA ON THE PICK AND ROLL??? Bamba, the 7’0 who shot 38% from three last year? That has the potential to be a devastating lineup. With Hayward gone: Melo, Terry, Miles, PJ, Bamba in the D’Antoni system running teams up and down the floor. Lots of shooting in that lineup.

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Mike D’Antoni In ‘Strong Position’ To Become Head Coach Of Hornets - RealGM Wiretap [LINK]

D;Antoni looks to be leading the field

Assume this is from the same substack article Dav. There’s definitely smoke here.

Agreed nice post

Let’s get this over with and get on with it.

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I’m on team MDA, the idea that he is the worst defensive coach ever is totally incorrect. His Rockets team from just a few years ago was top 5 in the league defensively.

I really feel like he can take LaMelo to a Superstar level and create a great offense with Miles.