Hornets Head Coaching search (2022)

I was actually wrong about the bad defense assumption until I looked more into it. Was surprised. I’m surprisingly all in on MDA.

Since mike D’Antoni’s initials are MD, I’m just going to call him The Doctor.

So when he signs on as coach, I’ll say “the doctor is in the building”

He’s (Ham) still my guy

I would estimate we have interviewed around a dozen guys. Its interesting, most interest we have ever had as coach.

I would say we probably flew out to interview Darvin and now he is coming into town.

We have also been doing a ton of draft workouts

So, trying to throw together all the random rumors attributed to us into a giant Frankencoach…

What if we go big and hire Ham as the head, with D’Antoni coming on as lead offensive assistant with the GM in training title until Mitch moves up to president or whatever role he’s looking to step into. So it would check the box with the hot new young coach who can relate to players, with a championship pedigree and hopefully good defensive ideas, and grab the best offensive guru to unlock all of Melo’s and Mile’s potential, probably figure out how to get Kai, Bouknight, and Thor’s abilities.

Don’t know if he has a GM mind, but he seems respected as a basketball person across the league. I think with that combo with Ham and D’Antoni, along with Melo’s development, free agents may actually want to be a part of that going forward.

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They are being quite comprehensive. Though if i recall correctly, they did likewise when they hired JB.

I like the idea of hiring a coach that potentially can be here long term, and continue the path the Hornets are on. D’Antoni will most likely coach 3-5 years, which would cause a change of direction and require more veteran players. I don’t think MD would come to continue with development and growth of a young team. So, I’m liking the Ham and Atkinson 2nd interviews.

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I’m liking the Atkinson 2nd interview. He’s been my pick from day 1. I like what he did with the Brooklyn squad without any superstars. They came to play every night.


I didn’t see his name but he seems interesting


Wonder if our methodical process is more about candidates waiting to hear from the Lakers before all else.

Or, someone is trying to get one team to move with the veiled threat the other is going to put a ring on me.

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I hope not but it could be. If it was me and money was the same I would take the Charlotte job. It’s a lot more expectation’s in LA. And the organization is a complete mess. But they could be putting Mitch on hold . To the LA job is filled.

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It’s a tough call IMO. The Lakers are The Lakers - that’s NBA royalty and you have LeBron who is still LeBron until he’s not. We’d probably be more of a dunk if we had a roster that made you think you could compete on the defensive end and you knew we had the Miles part of Air B&B under contract. The Lakers are pressed up against it cap-wise but they will be moving out of that cap hell next year and we cannot necessarily say the same.

I would never want to coach LeBron. Ever


I can’t see Ham turning down the Lakers. Even though my thoughts echo @Chef’s, I wouldn’t want to coach LeBron.

Yet long term, you aren’t necessarily. He’s not prime LeBron. And you could be sitting with a completely torn down roster and 70m under the cap in a year or two and be the coach left standing after Davis and Russ and LeBron are all gone. And it’s not like you couldn’t use that Lakers cache to win over free agents on a rebuilding team.

If Jeanie sold him on that, it’s a better 3-5 year outlook than we can paint.

So sign on as the official scapegoat that is inevitably released when Lebron/AD/WB fail again?


I thought about that, but not if they are preeenting it as, “we know he’s gone next year” but it sure could be in fans’ and media’s minds.


Let’s sign MDA and call it an off season. Pay him whatever exorbitant amount of money to come be in charlotte.

Where does he live now? Houston? Austin? Something like that.

I just want a coach will will play high draft picks to get them “ready” instead of letting them rot away.