Hornets Head Coaching search (2022)

Can’t decide if I like Mike or Dan or Tony. Maybe we should just sign all 3.

Or Michael, Daniel, and Anthony

Maybe no one wants this job

A lot of people want this job. But seems to me we are waiting on the Lakers for some reason.

My question is, are we in communication with Phil Jackson? If so, we could be working with them closely through this whole deal knowing the major relationship Phil has with Mitch and MJ.

Getting the best guy for both of us? Idk. Seems we are interviewing all of the same people with one exception (Mark Jackson IF he hasn’t).

Or, are we set on our guy but allowing a guy like Darvin Ham to use us as leverage to get what he wants from LA?

Theres so many plays to this and in this day of agents running EVERYTHING, you have to think we could be trying to work some magic around this hire from a “future benefits” perspective.

I could be wrong, but I highly doubt FO is doing anything with the Lakers in mind. Though, it certainly could be they’re waiting for a candidate to make a decision.

I’m guessing it’s due diligence after second interviews to make the choice along with the candidates weighing their choices also.

Darvin Ham Considered Strong Candidate For Hornets - RealGM Wiretap LINK

It reads like Ham is our first choice

Lakers too.

A lot involved, Phil Jackson & Magic Jonson known to be advising Buss, GM Pelinka process leader, but in end, all matters is who does Lebron want?

Man if Darvin chooses us over Lebron it will tell Lerbon a lot about the way he has bullied the entire league with clutch over the past several years. I can’t imagine how bad things have gotten at this point, I read an article yesterday from 2019 that was really damning to the way Lerbon does business. Lakers gave Rich Paul access to their plane when Lebron was still on the Cavs, and KCP was allowed to play through his jail sentence because they were trying to court Lebron and that was though of as a favor (KCP is also with Klutch, or was at the time).

Holy farts hire a coach and let’s move on from this miserable f*cking season and into the new era. Please.


Seems like we are doing what we do with free agents. Let everyone else chose first and then we get to what’s left.


There’s one other HC job open, and it’s for perhaps the most storied franchise in the sport. If our first choice hasn’t been ruled out by the Lakers, it makes sense to wait. The alternative is we offer Ham, for example, the job. Word leaks out that we’ve done so. He waits, the Lakers offer, and he accepts. Not nice to have to pick up the negotiation with the other shortlisted guys who know they weren’t first choice, as does the roster. For once, the patient approach is warranted.


I missed Triano getting signed by the kings a couple days back.


Into 2nd month of search, no new coach, Triano not coming back but assitants start coming off board, irritating a plan to wait for others get their guy before we settle on ‘our’ guy again.

must get right and I get the preaching rhetoric of diligence and patience…but if I’m getting a little jittery, others and the locker room bouncing of wall. Hope get a coach before June 23rd draft.

Vogel fired a couple weeks before JB, Laker base has to be exponentially more caffeinated.

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Took this off an article from bleacher report about 3 must does this offseason for the Hornets.

Hire a head coach with player development skills

Charlotte is still on the hunt for a new head coach after firing James Borrego in April. While this team is ready for playoff-contention now, the amount of young talent on the roster (LaMelo Ball, Bridges, P.J. Washington, James Bouknight, Jones, etc.) should still have the Hornets searching for someone with previous success in player development. Kenny Atkinson, anyone?

And that is my head coach.

Been thinking that with the nba schedule as it has been, a game every night, we’ll make the hire in the first day of no games. I’m probably wrong but keeps rolling around in my noggin.


So, Saturday then.

I’m not worried or have any concerns about not having hired a coach yet, just the emotion part of being a fan wants to see this happen to officially move forward past last season. I’m just ready for some new and different energy.

I’m going to trust the process here.

There’s a good possibility they know the guy they want and are waiting on him to decide between the Lakers/us. Or if it’s someone like Atkinson they were waiting for a lull to get a chance to interview him again.