Hornets Head Coaching search (2022)

He’ll get fired in a year bc they won’t win and he’ll get all the blame.

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I am gutted. He was far and away my guy.

Welp guess we announce tmrw or next week

Still feeling this. Just not feeling the excitement of it now.

Wow you really put your eggs in the Ham basket huh?

He’s been my guy by a wide margin. I like the idea of MDA but the age and requisite defensive coordinator hurts that a bit. Kenny doesn’t do much for me as he’s that distinct from JB.

We used to have a coach Ziggy use to call Fine Ham Biscuit. Can’t remember who he was? Has any one else been around that long and remember it ? I think it was around 2005 or 2006 when i first joined Bobcats planet back then.

Sam Vincent


Thanks that was him . Eastley you have been around a long time too . What year did you first join?

Best meme ever

Fine Ham Basket

We’ve dealt with so much pain on here for so long. One day, it will be our day though…. Hopefully before we all die! lol


Been saying that since '06


Mike Dunlap

Oh I trust the process too. I also just want to move forward out of this frustrating season, and into a new chapter. I get it though.

I’m guess Ham was our number one choice, and we were just waiting on the official decision from ham/lakers. I’m hoping MDA was the second choice.

My choice was 1a) MDA 1b) Ham

There could only be one explanation to why we haven’t announced yet. It is because we will sign Spoelstra /s

But really, let’s get somebody on board and start the season. 50+ wins are expected!

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It’s because Kenny Atkinson is still coaching in the Finals! After the finals we announce his signing! Let’s go Avs baby!

Nah, Mike Brown was too. That can’t be realistic blocker.

Kenny Atkinson is the guy I really don’t want. He’s a fine coach, but I think he’s more appropriate for a raw, young team that is in the early stages of a rebuild.

Regardless of whom any of us wanted or want, it seems pretty clear they didn’t have anyone in mind at the time they terminated JB.

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