Huge Game against Wiz

Looking good

Just goes to show how important PJ is to our success.

Why don’t we have Robin Lopez. That guy might have the most automatic hook in the NBA lol.

It’s very annoying I have to work during this

Is PJ capable of boxing out?

No worries, Zig will text you play by play

I‘m late to the show today. How are we looking Box score aside?

Streaky and it’s not limited to one guy. The biz minutes in the first were hard to comprehend.

Thanks for the update!
Let’s hope we’re over the third quarter drought and close this one out properly.
Bad move by Bertans, keep your hands to yourself young man…

Really proud of these kids right now

Some cool team ball since the early 2nd half wizards run.

That’s a foul on Lopez or I can’t get with the point of review.

Ok, can we score in the 4th quarter?

Ok are we really going to purposefully get outrebounded lineup wise in the 4th?

Please don’t wish Biz on this game

I am wishing for PJ to want it

They are attacking PJ every possession, same thing happened yesterday

We are completely coming apart

We win with PJ on the bench for Jalen

Our three‘s aren’t falling, that really starts to hurt.

Defensively, PJ ain’t it. You can’t be a small ball center without lateral defensive quickness

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