I’ve got a plan in Memphis

69-0 the rest of the way.

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The all knowing moves to 5-1

Oubre! What a game

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2 blocks, a steal and several “get in the ways”

He’s not Hakeem O but give him a break

Not a disaster… that’s an over reaction

Boris Diaw’s play here… that’s defense disaster

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He was downright bad last night. It was very apparent with a remote and a rewind button. Despite my angst, he was in fact better for the last 8 minutes he played than anything prior but he was dreadful for 3 quarters. That was hands down the worst performance he’s put in as a Hornet and his first game overall wasn’t much to get amped over.

We need him to be significantly better than last night. There’s no excuse for being out-positioned by guards, not moving his feet at all for a defensive challenge, not even trying to challenge drives up high (I’m not even talking about jumping, I’m just asking for his hand to go above the shoulder plane), and despite all that, still fouling out. I honestly had him with Boris Diaw ranking for the first 3 quarters.

Here’s to really hoping he’s a hell of a lot more dialed in and playing with defensive effort tomorrow night against NY.

I agree, we need a lot more from him

Plums looks like he took the summer off to me.