I’ve got a plan in Memphis

On my way to the game gents! LFG


Rendezvous ribs.

Best bbq I’ve ever had

Pretty amazing ribs for sure!

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Tonight we win

Hornets by 1

Season against the spread - 4-1

Prediction. We lose at the end bc we don’t draw up a good inbound play.

Win us this game through your cheering founding

We did better inbounding without a timeout at the end there. Go figure

Working on it

I hate the flagrant foul rule now… can’t even go for the ball. Soft.

Is it bad that I want Plumlee to foul out?

Someone needs to get hot and quick

I’m begging for him to foul out. I can’t take watching him out there.

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Win or lose… at least we got a few good Eric Collins hum diddly dees tonight.

Please lord can we get a double tech on Plumbs immediately?

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One more foul. Come on Plumlee

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He blocked a shot.

It was shot into his hand. Kinda broken clock like

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And he’s gone!!!

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Made a couple nice plays in spite of himself.

He’s all you got, stop digging him

10X watching Biz drop passes

He’s a defensive disaster.