Jeff Peterson Hired as Head of Basketball Ops


Let’s get it going, who’s our guy?

From Rod Boone’s article:

“Among the people who could be candidates to keep an eye on, league sources said, are: New Orleans Pelicans GM and former Duke standout Trajan Langdon, Philadelphia 76ers GM and Duke product Elton Brand, Brooklyn Nets assistant GM Jeff Peterson, Milwaukee Bucks assistant GM Milt Newton and New York Knicks assistant GM Frank Zanin.”

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My dream hire is not that he would necessarily do great things but the clear money and commitment to pull the trigger would be Bob Myers. I assume that Schlenk is in the mix but maybe that’s not the case. I don’t recall much of Brand. I didn’t realize Langdon was GM in NOP. I thought that was Dan Gilbert but maybe he’s President of Basketball Ops. and Langdon is the GM? (is that right?).

Earlier this season I read an article on up and coming GM candidates and Patterson from BKN was thought of highly around the league, so I’ll go with him. Honestly, all the guys mentioned seem like good choices.

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… and we are sure it’s Jeff Peterson of BKN and not Buzz Peterson of us, yes? I don’t know much of either of them but would prefer we go out of the former-roommates circle.

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Wasn’t Jeff Peterson mentioned earlier as having some connection with a new owner?

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From 4 letter network article

“Peterson, Schlenk and Wilcox worked with the Atlanta Hawks when Schnall was one of the franchise’s minority owners.”

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I just wanted to comment on the photo of mitch looking like he is being played by a displeased and underwhelmed john malkovich

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Co-Pilot thinks Peterson is the top of the candidate list (largely because he’s reportedly in discussions w/ us already).

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Seems crazy that the hornets are actually proactively in front for the first time in well ever. They are in a position to hire now. From that yahoo article, please none from the analytic, former player and agent piles.

I wonder who is second in line or up and coming in OKC. I Haven’t heard any names in the mix from that organization but it seems like someone under the tutelage of Sam Presti would be a strong candidate.


OKC seems to have an eye for talent and draft well. Oh, and collect assets.


I know nothing about hiring a GM, but I navigate toward Peterson.

Elton Brand would be interesting to me because he does have the view of a former player, but he’s been an executive enough to know the balance of both sides. Plus being in Philadelphia, they’ve been a consistent winner even though they haven’t got over the hump.

For the guys that were in Atlanta with Schnall, I don’t know if they ever were a consistent group - I’d have to check their track records, but whoever was a part of the 60 win team definitely did a hell of a job.

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This is not unexpected and is for the most part a positive step, but I am glad to see that Mitch is staying on in an advisory capacity. One thing he has been very good at is talent evaluation so having his voice be a part of the conversation from that standpoint is a good thing imo.


I’m guessing Peterson? Been many an article linking him with the job over the last 9-12 months.

Makes sense why Mitch would stay involved too if we’re going down the younger GM route.

Peterson was assistant GM for the 60 win team I belive

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Praise his name for this.


How do you skimp on those things? Especially player health. Your top asset.