League Leading Leftiness?

By my count, we have at least 3 lefty players: Bridges, Oubre, and Thor. I found one reference claiming only 5.1% of the NBA is lefty, so our team this coming season would be an outlier. However, it isn’t quite so clean cut.

JT Thor was shown by the Hornets signing his contract right handed today. Turns out he is like a few other players who play the opposite way they do everything else. LeBron and Russell Westbrook are lefties who play righty. Mike Conley is the opposite. Anybody remember that time Larry Bird’s cocky ass decided to play a game left handed and scored like 28 points? He actually IS left handed but developed basketball as a righty.

Off-season … mind blown. Carry on.


Think Eric had mentioned Miles is right handed in several aspects but plays basketball lefty.

I wanna say the Raptors had Mo Pete, Jalen Rose, and Zach Randolph for a while? I was kinda impressed for some reason.

Yeah Larry Bird was getting so bored in '86 he had to pull that stunt at the end of a road trip, I think. Good stuff.