Lebron comes to Town

Clifford knows what the people want to see

Shooting like crap right now, but it’s to be expected

Turned the game on late. Where is Dell Curry tonight? Night off?

Missing Kelly Oubre’s scoring

Love DSJ attitude thats what the team had been missing. He takes Williams out and puts Plumme in for the wrong stretch

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They made a game of it but just too big of a hole to overcome.

It would be nice to get the #1 pick damn it.


Games like tonight are why I think we need to hang on to Terry. Whenever we’re ready to win we will need a guy with his late game scoring ability. Despite having a subpar night up until that point, he took over in the 4th as we’ve seen him do so many times. Even the 3 that didn’t count was crazy clutch. He just seems made for those moments and guys like that aren’t easy to come by.


As much as I want to tear this roster down and rebuild, as much as I still think Terry is best as a 6th man, this take is spot on. The guy has the clutch gene, and that’s rare, especially outside of the superstar/unattainable players.

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