NBA All Star Voting

All star voting opens today both Melo and Miles should have a shot.

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Buzz City Burgers

Very suprised that LaMelo didn’t get voted in

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Yeah, that is fucking bullshit tbh. He has 4 triple-doubles, and very good average stats in a playoff team. Both Melo and Miles deserve it tbh. It is a shame.

Pretty ugly.

His stats are comparable if not better than Garland, Fred, Middleton? on what, 3-5 less MPG, playing on a playoff team.

Sure there’ll be plenty making the case that Coach has cost him the nod.

Either way not a good look.

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I think that’s good locker room material right there.


Very disappointing. I imagine one of them will get the nod if Durant has to sit it out but still it’s insulting that neither made it outright. Playoff team putting up great stats, they’re both deserving.

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They still have to pick someone for KD right?

Different year same bullshit. Just pisses me off

I mean, obviously, the acknowledgment of being an all-star is cool, and I wish those dudes the accolades. But I don’t necessarily mind that our guys can rest up a little more.

And a little chip on the shoulder heading into the stretch can’t hurt.

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Ball or Miles would be so fun in an allstar game. Who wants to see Vanvleet? Since it was so close, you’d think they’d vote in a more fun player to watch. I’m not sure Middleton was more deserving either.


There’s no doubt that Ball and Bridges would be two of the most entertaining guys in the game.

I also think they have plenty of all-star games in their futures though.