1.14.22 Hornets v Magic - Murder is in Asheville

Let’s gooooooo!

Wife has a conference
I’m enjoying a fine brew frkmCatawba and rocking hornets gear!

Let’s do this!

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Catawba White Zombie FTW

If any of HP happens to be at the Omni grove park inn HOLLA

@cltblkhscoach @Murphman @powellrmp @Eastley @GeraldWallaceMVP

Beer is on me!

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Feel like this will be a close one

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Have not posted in a while. For those who care about this stuff, I am currently 30-12 on the season wrt Hornets against the spread picks.

I have the Hornets tonight by 5. That’s not a cover for the home team as the line is 11.

Closer than the experts think on this one.

Go Buzz!

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What happened to Plum, he is a different man today! I am impressed in the past few mins.

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I am so damn tired of these Lamelo benchings. Did he do something tonight that I missed with 6 min left in 3rd?


We’re going to lose to the Magic aren’t we. I feel I’ve been watching the same thing for the last 2-3 years

Maybe to rest him for the 4th quarter?

You think he needs 10 minutes game time rest to be ready to play 9 4th quarter mins at 20 years old?

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I don’t know. I’m so happy we are about to lose though. We are who we thought we were.

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Some things never change lol

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I take full responsibility

It’s not as much on the team as it is the stupid idiot head coach.

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Really wondering what it will take for us to consistently take these advantage games appropriately seriously.


Sick of this

We said that tonight would tell us a lot. They still gotta grow up obviously.


Melo had by far the worst plus minus on the team a-13 . I expect that is why JB took him out. That could help or hurt long run . Melo is going to have to improve in that area to become one of the greats .

An absolute hornets classic. Fucking predictable. I should’ve put money on this game.

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I called it at lunch today. This was a Hornets thing to do.