Nba league pass

Anyone here have nba league pass? What has been your experience and is it worth it? It looks like the premium you can stream on three devices, so I don’t know if that means someone can stream simultaneously from another location?

I’m from England and i had the premium package and found it really good, I’ve never had a problem with it

I read that being state-side, Americans will not have access to all the games due to local and regional blackout issues. Whereas folks outside of the United States are not subject to any blackouts.

I wonder if I have my VPN going for out of the country, if that will help with the matter

I have it through YouTube TV, which allows me to stream on 3 devices at a time, the YouTube TV limit. I used to have team pass that only allows 1 device. I think I pay $99 for the premium, that gives us all league games. Except those that are subject to blackouts. Those are national games and ATL and Memphis games. At this time it’s worth it.

I tried it bc i hate Bally so much and it was cheaper than Bally, which is silly. But could not watch hornets games without a VPN, so I just got rid of it. They need to figure this stuff out man.

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Yeah it’s absolutely ridiculous. I guess I could just use a vpn to get around it. Sigh

I have used it for two years with a VPN. No real complaints.

Before I had kids, and the time to watch all Hornets games, League Pass worked perfectly over here in the UK. I’d assume, therefore, that you’ll have no issues if you use a VPN. Daft, but that’s the way to play it.