Question about blackouts, league pass and cord cutting

Happy Thanksgiving week HP

I’ve cut the cord for a few years now. Had Hulu Live and now YouTube TV. Both have now nixed Fox Sports South.

If I purchase league pass will I get the hornets or because they’re in my catchment area will they be blacked out? Thanks

We really have come full circle here.

You are screwed. You will be blacked out. The only thing you can try is a vpn or gateway that routes through a server outside the blackout zone. It will slow your stream though.

Sports have got to get rid of silly blackout rules.


Thanks Chef.

Just brutal.

The only positive thing about being a Hornets fan in Australia is no blackouts on League Pass

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That’s how I feel about being a StL Cardinals fan in South Carolina

Yeah, I finally cut the cord this past year too. Youtube TV was great, unlimited DVR, enough channels, local sports. I would normally expect these companies to work something out, but then I see fox sports is out on Dish Network/Sling, Hulu and Youtube, and basically everything other than cable.

Then of course, I get free HBO max from AT&T, but I have Roku and Amazon products, which don’t carry it because they can’t work out a deal even though its been out since July. Still would never go back to satellite, but these streaming companies are basically turning back to the cable model we all escaped from.

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I would suggest that you get adblock and use if you are looking to watch Hornets games.

I love NBALP but the blackout rules really suck. My parents live 2 hours from the arena, they have Spectrum, and have the sports package, but don’t get Fox Sportsouth. (They get fox sports south but not sportsouth). So when I’m there I have to use buffstreamz or something similar. Back in the Bobcats days they used to show the games on a special event channel on TWC, and Bobcats games were the only thing that came on there. They have stopped showing those over the past couple of years.

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We still have direct TV. Don’t think I will cut the cord. They give me huge discounts every year. Streaming is so fragmented and by the end, you are paying cable prices.

Sports just don’t work on streaming. As soon as enough people tune into the same stream, the serves can’t handle it.

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The NBA streams subreddit will be a great friend to you

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I’m notnsure this exists anymore. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

They went through and shut all of those down because of DMCA stuff

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They keep bringing it back under different names idk if I’m allowed to post links but there’s 3 really good streaming websites I use

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Oh ok I shared buffstreamz woops

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And thank you for that

OK, I’m at the point where I’m only keeping Spectrum to watch the Hornets and a couple of other shows and I’m no longer willing to pay Spectrum. I know Bally has promised their own app with direct pay and viewing of regional sports but that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. The NBA has stated they know it is a problem for local fans not being able to see games and they want to address it, but I’m not counting on it being resolved any time soon. Not that I would ever do it, but has anyone had any luck with using a VPN and League Pass? Any other tips? I hate giving up the flexibility of a DVR but I think the time has come.

Well I don’t use a VPN tunnel as I’m not living in the US but League Pass gives some nice features. You can stream each game any time you want so no need for DVR systems.

Thanks, my problem is that I live in Winston-Salem, NC and would be blocked from watching any home games unless I use a VPN to travel to my “summer home”. And there is no way I can make it to Charlotte enough to warrant buying season tickets.

I know someone who uses a VPN to watch games. I will ask what service he uses.

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I have Team Pass, just get hornets. I know that doesn’t help if you’re local to Charlotte. NBA has major issue with making their product available to fans. Not everyone can afford to go to all the games. Blackout rules suck for all sports. Gotta protect the tv rights to get that big $$ coming in.

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…and with team pass, you can only stream on 1 device at a time. So aggravating. I complained to NBA, but got no response. My son likes to watch on his phone while playing video games, so that creates a little problem.

I am using League Pass + VPN (ExpressVPN). I live in NY, so I don’t have to use so often for Hornets games, but I just connect to Dallas/Canada servers for Nets games, and to Mexico servers for NBA TV/National Blackout games. I can even watch playoffs using the Mexico Servers, and there is no interruption to service with ExpressVPN.

It is quite nice and useful :). My SO uses the VPN to watch her Colombian shows too, so it is a win win haha.

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