Finally cutting the cord

Sort of

Moving from direct TV to Hulu live.

My question: is there an answer on if canes and hornets are moving networks or is bsso still carrying them in 23/24?

2nd question:
Can you watch condensed game replays free of each somewhere?

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1st question:

2nd question, I sometimes watch full game highlights on YouTube.

Thanks. I will just have to wing it. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why the league just doesn’t broadcast everything itself. No local blackouts, offer all games to any network for national broadcasts. Keep everything else on say nba tv streaming and sell league pass or a per team basis. Seems like a no brainer.


Agree. I get team league pass. That’s a big deal for us since the Hawks and grizzlies are our local teams, even though the Hornets are much closer. Don’t know what those in the Charlotte area are to do. All blackouts in all sports need to go away. I don’t think it would hurt attendance and would probably help to attract more fans.

I’ll add that I hope the Hornets broadcast team stays in place. Best I have seen.

I stopped DirectTV Stream after the season and went back to Hulu because it’s about $40 a month less cost. $70 vs $110. Stream has Bally and Hulu doesn’t. I don’t know what I’ll do next season. Maybe watch highlights.

Cut the cord 12 years ago. Hard wired the place w Ethernet (over kill). Installed digital antennas (great for local channels and when the internet goes out.) Had SonyVue, Philo, HuluTV, Sling, YouTube TV, and final settle on Sling w out sports option as the cable replacement.

Last year was my first season with the cord cut. I used Youtube TV for “cable replacement” and bought NBA league pass without ads to watch the Hornets. I think it was around $130 but the extra to remove the ads was well worth it. It was frustrating at times with the quality of the signal and it resetting the “Hide Scores” indicator. I already use NordVPN so the VPN issue was not a problem. I ended up watching from a desktop PC that is in the same room as a big screen TV. It is not as convenient as recording on a DVR so you can watch whenever you want or watching shows that are recorded on Youtube TV, but it was worth it to ditch Cable. In a couple of months fiber will be run in my neighborhood so I will be able to completely ditch f’ng Sepctrum!!