Game 52: Grizzlies at Hornets

Its GERALD WALLACE NIGHT LADIES AND GENTS! Lets all show out for our guy Crash tonight that gave his all to the city. I have my jersey ready to go haha


Was looking forward to seeing the new acquisitions tonight, but league pass blackout rules won’t allow me to watch. Can’t wait for the day when they’re gone. Hate the blackout rules!

You can always watch on one of the “unspoken” websites

Blackout rules are stupid imo. I pay full price for LP, and can’t watch some games, even if I use VPN. My VPN provider recommended I buy LP from India next year ($20 vs $100 for the season), and use VPN, as India NBA has more lax VPN restrictions. Stupid by NBA.


I’m sure they’d probably make less money, but I wonder if NBA would have a larger audience if it was easier to watch local games by average people. (Though in Charlotte’s case, maybe it’s a good thing people can’t easily watch.) I know a lot of my fandom as a kid was just randomly watching a sporting event on tv and deciding I like this team and want to follow them more. Maybe it’s still easy enough in most markets, but it seems like teams and the NBA are getting a little too cute with TV deals and internet broadcasts.

You can find super solid online viewing options. I used to know plenty but things have been blocked over the last one or two years.

Message me for a link that I may or may not find that works well. If you need to find a way to view.

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Hopefully things will change with Amazon taking over Bally.

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Yeah, I’ve found plenty of options over the years, but I hate that I have to look for “alternative” solutions to what should be a much easier problem.

I’m probably also being a bit sentimental about the whole concept of kids randomly finding games on the tv, as if kids or adults under 50 even watch regular tv much anymore. Again, just wish it was easier to follow the home team in an ethical way.

Mann to start, all 5 new players to feature.

*how can I post a tweet so that the tweet shows?

You aren’t doing anything wrong, X-Twit did something about 4 or 5 months ago that broke it.

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Why isn’t Miles Bridges playing?

I hope in the near future Micic plays much better.

What do you mean? He has a pretty decent game so far.

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Shhoting poorly based on what I can see on Youtube and travelling and turnover prone. Than again I can’t watch the game itself. Just the YouTube board,

I see since I made that comment he has elevated his game. I really shouldn’t expect him to much in his first game with our team. If he plays well it is icing on the cake. Same can be said for all of our new guys.

I watched him plenty, since he’s my countryman. He’s not a bad shooter, and turnovers shouldn’t be a big issue most of the time, since he’s a great playmaker.

If you judge him solely by his tenure in Oklahoma, you will come to some bad conclusions. He played few mins at the beginning, he couldn’t get into rhythm because of it, 1 or 2 shots per game would mostly make your percentages look bad. Near the end of his time there he started getting the hang of the NBA game, and was getting more minutes and bigger role. A lot of fans there seem to feel bad that he left as well.


Yeah, he should be a good facilitator for all the new young guys. It would mean a lot to them to get open looks, and he will do that if given playing time and ball in his hands.

So far this new team looks pretty good and fun to watch.

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He’s getting a lot of love in the game chat.


I sometimes get carried away and expect everybody to play like all stars in every game. Welcome to the Hornets community Shapshooter.

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