Finally cutting the cord

That’s what we do. I cut Netflix because my kids were watching the same stuff all the time. I got sick of Henry danger even if schwaz does get a few laughs

We have the Hulu/Disney/ESPN trifecta because it makes sense money wise. When it doesn’t, it gets dropped.

Odd, we tend to cut services when no one is using them. Not when the kids are using the heck out of something.

Not using the heck out of it. Watching the same stuff over and over and over again. I then say, pick something else. How about that? Seen it. How about this? seen it. and on and on and on

No mention of RSNs

Seeing our current Spectrum bill, I’m out. What’s the Hornets and Panthers watching options with Google/AT&T Fibre?

I understand that, did the same thing at the end of last year.

For the Hornets, I just paid for a Bally’s subscription. (That’ll go through Amazon next year, I’m just not entirely sure how yet).
For the Panthers - I use an antenna and HD Homerun to get locals, so that’s how I watched the Panthers.

If you’re looking at full cable TV replacement, Fubo is the probably best bet.

I found going to and filling in what channels you must have pretty helpful in the past.

I will miss Andre. Luckily I got to watch him on the Good Fight this past winter.