New Years Eve Against Brooklyn

Happy new years HP, hopefully it comes with a number one pick

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2023 is our year!! (lottery balls are bad to us and we fall out of the top 3).

Well our hilarious non-tanking tanking keeps on keeping on smh

Good lord Gordon Hayward has gone 110% nic batum.

Oh if only we had miles bridges! We’d be 4-5 games better!

If you like Ben Simmons and think he’s a good player, I 100% believe 1) you’ve never played at least semi-competitive basketball 2) you’re under 20 years old 3) you’re BBIQ consists of playing NBA 2k and reading box scores while you’re on the toilet 4) all of the above.

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Pretty much

Curious for thoughts; would we be a) playing better, b) have a better record, and c) seeing more youth, less Mason/Terry/Gordon/Kelly by this time in the season with JB still as head coach?

I think we’d be seeing less Mason, our Offense would be more slick and effective, but we wouldn’t have the same level of game specific planning and focus on D. Cliff does set out good defensive game plans. It’s tough, because of all the injuries and the variety of lineups.

Record wise, I think I’d say more wins with JB, however, we’d get smoked again in any play-in/play-off scenario. Under Cliff, we’d at least be competitive and defensively competent in a post season game … though it would still be just one game.

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Mostly agree with this. It’s hard to say anything with injuries and Miles situation. I think our guys will be better having been coached by Cliff (which is not a knock on JB; Cliff just brings different ideas to learn.), but it’s hard to say to if we’re better this year or not for it. More than anything, we had a tumultuous off season, which leads to unfocused basketball.

For sake of conversation, I think it’s very possible we have a better record with JB but no idea if we’d be in a better place (just in development; not considering draft picks) at the end of the year.

I think one thing we probably all agree is that we need a plan and a coach that can execute the plan.

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2 damn points. Good grief

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Even had they kept JB he’d be dead man walking this season. They’ve got 10 wins. With JB maybe somewhere between 8 and 12.

Clifford has given some guys an opportunity, but hasn’t gained anything from it. Bouk, Thor and Jones might as well be sent to Greensboro and forgotten until their contracts expire.

This team will see a lot of turnover soon. Not trades so much (Mitch isn’t transactional), but Plumlee, Oubre, PJ, Richards, Smith, McDaniels and Maledon will likely be elsewhere one way or another.

That leaves Hayward for one more year, Rozier, Ball, Williams, Martin and likely Miles Bridges. Hopefully they hold on to McGowens.

Ball could go rogue and demand a trade at any time after this season. I suspect it depends on Miles returning and who else is added or moved next summer, including the coach/GM.

With a lottery pick, and the player replacements, this team could look a whole lot different next season.

To me, the bigger question is whether Cliff is the right coach moving forward. I see pros and cons. I think first we need a GM who a) doesn’t suck, and b)isn’t asleep.

Of course it all begins with MJ. I’m not sure he’s capable of leading a winning front office.

Curious, if McMillan does in fact resign before season’s end in Atlanta, would you be (concerned/excited/confused) if the Hornets were in talks to replace Clifford with him?

I don’t believe coaching is the main problem


I think it is a combination of coaching and talent. And player fit.

All the above. Only 2 within the organization that should remain are LaMelo and Williams. From MJ down.

Roster construction! Amen.

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I don’t know if McMillan makes sense as that next coach to elevate us - I think it depends on the direction they are trying to go. I think Cliff will be here next year also, as I believe he didn’t get a fair shake with the deck he thought he would have.

They’ll run this group back one more time with Miles resigned. PJ will be gone because we aren’t paying him. I think Hayward and Rozier will be back also - even though it’s clear Hayward is no longer a frontline guy.

McGowens looks like he can be a nice piece and could take a step forward. But as Keetch said, next year we will look different for sure. And I think Cliff will get a chance with some vets he likes on short deals to compliment Ball, Bridges, and Rozier as the Big 3 it appears.

I would like to see Bridges at the 4 and find a knockdown shooter at the 3. Maybe even start Cody Martin at the 2 and let Rozier be a super 6th man. If Hayward could shoot 40% from 3 he could be the damn 3 man, but he isn’t shooting that great (29.5% from 3).

News said today we are not in nogotations with Bridges. Saying it come from the Obserber today.