Off Season Changes?

I have nothing to say about the past 48 hours. Or at least nothing good to say. I felt this exact same way right after we drafted Lamelo so I’m hoping for a similar outcome because that is all I can do right now.


What am I missing about Miles/Detroit?

I think stocking space for his eventual extension helped wag this dog and with all our young guys needing pt it makes sense to sacrifice one of the picks…and we still got Williams.

I think Miles wants to be here with Melo and I think we pay what it takes to keep him.

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I think it’s a value issue. Look at what NYK got for trading their pick. I’m comparison we got horrible value

My concern is that we gave DET a reason to choose playing a Miles RFA card since they dealt their star wing to POR and we gave them Duren. Ergo no reason to play the Ayton RFA card if there would be only one RFA offer… and that’s normally the case.


Almost fits too great.

Grew up in Michigan, went to mich st

Detroit traded #12 miles bridges for Blake Griffn

See how play with Ball, dynamic add to PG Cunningham & SG Ivey, and get C Duren too

Miles gets paid

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They aren’t going to let Miles go anywhere, whether Detroit wants him or not

I bet Thursday at this time you would have said “they aren’t going to trade #13 with duren on the board for a 2023 20’s pick and 3 2nds”


Duren wasn’t anything special to me, I’m glad we traded. Everyone said we would most likely trade one and pick Mark Williams. The terms of the trade are what they are, everyone has a right to cry over spilled milk but that’s not me brother.


I am sure that I read a trade grade on CBS that came to the opposite conclusion. I remember the gist as follows:

Detroit A plus draft and trade

Charlotte Risky cost saving trade that benefited Detroit more
New York Indication that the organization is still direction less

Could not find the article but read it this morning.

I agree with you. From the beginning I was with you that they should not get two rookies. However, the value is terrible for that pick


Seen a tweet with Banchero"s jersey #5, think that means Bamba is on his way out.

Many (national media so value that as you will) thought ORL could renounce him not even bothering to trade him. I think this board greatly overvalues him, far more than ORL themselves. And Cliff had no interest playing him IIRC.

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I’ll take responsibility for the overvaluing of Mo Bamba. It’s my fault.

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Maybe we did, it’s simply that he offers so much of what we need … or needed. I still think he has the potential to develop into a good starting centre who can block, rebound and shoot. I think we’ve got that guy now, in a more robust frame too, in Williams.

I’m fine with where we are at Centre. Mason looks like he’ll start at the beginning of the season and we have our future, near future I hope, starting Centre and ‘small ball’ Centre in Williams & Kai respectively, developing and taking the reigns sooner rather than later please.

So please, :pray:, please Clifford, play our young bigs.


It’s not so much the young front court guys I’m worried about under Clifford, but it’s Bouknight I’m concerned for. Clifford is tough on his guards and asks them to pressure on defense and prevent penetration into the paint.

Bouknight is not a defender and I can see Clifford crushing him. I think Clifford could break Bouknight, and not in a good way.

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Thank you for always being the pragmatist on the board. I owe you some rounds at the Hive once the season starts.

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Season ticket holder and I didn’t make any games last year. Damn shame lol but sounds good.

I agree, I was just following on a conversation.

As I’ve mentioned countless times, I just don’t see how Terry & Bouknight can coexist coherently on a roster alongside LaMelo. They’re both 6th Men style players and, if we can get back appropriate value, should look to move one of them. Which one depends on whether we’re targetting playoffs or development. That’s my opinion, at least.

From memory, Cliff likes starting with Defence, so I can see a world where Cody starts and Terry comes off the bench. I would actually like to see if this works. Terry will still get his minutes as he has been one of the most clutch shooters in the NBA, and might thrive in this scenario.

Onto Bouknight, if he doesn’t give effort on D he won’t play for Cliff, and I’m 100% behind this. He will never be a plus defender, which is fine, but he can at least focus, rotate as instructed and try. If he does all of that, then he deserves regular minutes and the chance to score and express himself.

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Terry is a strange case. He can be a good defender when he wants to be. That used to be his trademark. Cliff could use him like he used Terence Ross in Orlando - I think Ross closed games there but he came off the bench as a great 6th man.

I’m concerned Cody could be out of our price range but we’ll see. But he makes sense to start, if Terry can’t be a consistently better defender. LaMelo being able to defend two guards would be wonderful but that’s a pipe dream at the moment.

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Yea, Terry can defend, and I’m sure SC will get more out of him … demand more from him. I think SC is the kind of coach Terry needs to really be at his best.

Cody, I just don’t know what his price will be? My guess is 6-8M, but we’ll have to see. I know Hollinger came out with a much higher number, but his ‘value metric chart thing’ had Devonte in the very high teens, I seem to recall.

LaMelo is a stats player. He goes for the tripple double if it’s there … remember Biz calling him out on it. Similarly, he likes his steals and blocks on D. I’d just like to see him become more fundamentally sound, which is very much achievable. Agree, the ultimate would be for LaMelo to be able to Guard SGs. I’d still love for us to trade for a SG who fits between LaMelo and Miles and who will be tasked with guarding the opponent’s best backcourt player. That guy would take us to another level, in my opinion … but I don’t know who that might be.

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