Off Season Changes?

Clearly the Bamba hopes and dreams are dead. So is the draft a SF in the 1st round dream (when we have like 5 SFs on the roster). Killed by the reality of the Front Office and Mark Williams.

Still think we could see them bring in a center better than Plumlee to be a stopgap

Rozier and Richards to Clippers for Kennard, Mann, and Zubac! That’s my ideal off-season!

My guess is Mason begins the season as the starter and is replaced, relatively quickly I hope, by Williams. Hopefully we can then do something I’ve only seen other franchises do … extract value from an expiring contract.

The holes in the roster are still D and toughness, especially in the back court.

If Clifford is the coach, I bet Mason starts the whole year. :frowning:

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Don’t you dare speak that into existence!!!

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I’m going to call the police if steve clifford is actually hired.


Pick up the phone!!! :telephone_receiver:

911 what’s your emergency?

“I’m calling in a bomb threat to the Hornets practice facility”

“I am afraid that blew up an hour and half ago”


I think we should prepare ourselves for the worst. Clifford was not in the interview rounds prior suggesting this was a late stage hail mary. There’s a real possibility if that’s indicative of their prep that the FO’s Miles’ re-signing strategy is praying no one gives him a large offer sheet.


I think Clifford signing is even a worse look than Atkinson deserting last minute. It shows that the “finalists” MDA and Stotts didn’t want to be second fiddle, and flipped the bird.

As you mentioned, it can only get worse if Pistons take Miles after their steal with the 13th pick.

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This was probably the worth draft move ever. If Miles leaves, we are then forever to pay veterans more money than the 13th pick would have been. It’s just dumb.

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That will be the final nail in the coffin. Look at how attractive we helped make them to join!


It’s weird they didn’t even consider this. They basically made it easy for the one team that could offer Miles big money, to chose that Miles is the guy they should go after.

Also… If we wanted to save money… why pay Plumlee 10 million!?

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You couldn’t make it up, could you? Absolutely farcical.

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Exactly! Who wants our sloppy seconds? Everybody is p!ssed but who in this whole dang league would have so little pride to take the job w the WORLD knowing that he really was not wanted?

If we (you, I and the people on this board) wouldn’t respect the sloppy seconds coach do you think the players would? Let’s be realistic. I can see it now from Bouk: “You’re not my real daddy!”

The truth is that we had about ZERO options.

Instead of p!Ssing around in Europe w his totty, the Boss should have taking this search A LOT more serious and grabbed Davin Hamm. But no, he was lax and LA swooped in and for the best option.

The boss pays the price so we ALL pay the price.

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Have you considered the possibility that this ENTIRE draft situation WAS about Miles from the start - including the Detroit thing? What if we did this “favor” for Detroit so that they would NOT throw money at Miles? That’s right a good ole fashioned pay off!! Al Capone 1930s Chicago “shoot em up” style engineered by the Boss!!!

I am talking a smokey back room collusion to limit Miles’ options. If so that would be the most boss level sh!t we’ve ever done! Yes it would screw the player but that is kinda the point.

Now if the up and coming Bad Boys 2.0 decide not to offer Miles a big contract then sure as hell it was a payoff at Miles’ expense and to our benefit. (We don’t always share the same interests as the players.).

Yes this would be an anti-trust - perhaps unlawful - scheme but we need a lucky break - even if we have to manufacture one!

M&M: “So Steve, you coached Mo Bamba. We’re thinking we can get him once ORL renounces him”

Mitch: “Remember coach, your contact says you play who we bring in this time”

Clifford: (opens phone, types furiously)

Atkinson: (picks up phone from nightstand) “who is texting me at 4:30 am?”

maybe happening in at least one universe

Yes, this summer…we been living in fantasy land and now back in Hornets Hell.
With rest of world giggling at our delusions, we never sign Miles anyhow.

No part of master plan to keep Miles.
Had to take crappy “best” deal cause we had to clear 4 million to pay Plumlee 4.5 Million, leaving us a huge 9 million to fill out last 3 spots for team Clifford.


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