Offseason Hornets News

Seems every time we get an alternative journalist from RB, they don’t ever last too long.

Can’t be a coincidence anymore

And of course, the other news of MJ dropping $100 Million over the next 10 years for racial equality and justice.

And yes, I realize I linked a Bonnell article, since no one else can report on the Hornets and live to tell about it.

Rod Boone got let go by the athletic, a major loss for Hornets reporting

Dammit! Awful. He was so good.

I am so gutted about the Athletic letting Rod go. He was the best thing to happen for us media-wise in a long time. I truly believe we make the 22, he’s not let go. If that’s the case, that’s two years in a row that we pay a big price for in season performance.

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Somewhat germane to this thread (okay not really) but The Athletic also let the Arkansas beat writer go. Was a tough day as you can imagine. I always tried to at least click on every article they both wrote, fearing this may happen.

Honestly, I think we’re lucky sports sections still exist. For breaking news, they’re largely irrelevant outside of piecing together the parts of the story and adding a narrative, which I do value.

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Seems to be a somewhat difficult time for The Athletic. They cut 46 persons in total.

Wow that sucks. I really enjoyed his writing. Was my favorite at The Athletic for sure.

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Draft lottery can’t come soon enough. Selfishly, I’m hoping someone in the mid-lottery winds up in position to trade down. Boston’s sitting on three firsts and a likely roster crunch, so they’re in prime position to make a two- or three-for-one offer on draft night.

Continuing the curse of our radio broadcasters… :grimacing:

Accidental, not accidental, not a good look either way, and wouldn’t be surprised if we get our 3rd radio guy in 3 years down here.

Been seeing rumors online that the Hornets want to use their cap space for picks and young players this off season

Hornets Interested in Ibaka

What an odd play if so. I have heard in many spaces to expect Biz back on a team friendly deal and Willy gone. We’d have Cody under contract one more year. I’d prefer we make a play for Poeltl as an RFA as we shouldn’t fear tying up cash to let that play out. Ibaka would make sense I guess if we weren’t planning to being back Biz cheap or were moving Cody sooner.

Legion Hoops is notorious for making up rumors so i wouldn’t trust it 100%

I know with Cho, Hornets were good at staying tight lipped. It seems Mitch has been pretty good about keeping clear of the rumor mill too. It feels that Legion Hoops may be from the Chris Sheridan school of lets see which mediocre team has cap room to sign an aging veteran to too much money and make themselves more mediocre.

After much pain, we’re finally in a position to have a good cap situation with our expirings, plus with the probable shrinking of the salary cap, to take advantage of fully capped teams to snag a secondary star, and then use our bird rights to keep whichever of the young guns we deem worthy. Plus a valuable trade chip with Rozier.

We’re rarely in a good spot, I trust Mitch to make better decisions with the cap than the notorious bobcats braintrust had.

I DVR’d Kemba and the C’s tonight and went to watch the 4th after the kids went down and accidentally fired up the MIAvsCLT game from March 11 (think it was the last game). I forgot how excited we should be about Jalen McDaniels in the mix with the other picks from last year and the prior. Holy smoke that kid put on some game from his time with the Swarm.

I might be as excited to see what Jalen develops into than I am about anything we might trade into at this point.

i’ve watched that game twice since corona, it’s such a great game. Mcdaniels reminds me a lot of Jonathan Isaac without the injuries

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For anyone that has a The Athletic subscription, Sam Vecenie is doing articles on lottery teams. There’s a good bit that I think most of use would agree on with the 3rd and 32nd picks and some that we won’t but the really interesting piece for me is around the trade market.

The interesting part for me is a new twist on trading with a team like Philly. He throws out a potential of helping out the Sixers by taking on the Horford contract with 69m remaining for 3 years. He posits that we send out Terry to take back the No. 21 overall and No. 36 overall in this year’s draft. This fixes two problems for Philly and likely helps us out on the court with Horford at C and the value of those picks. Normally I’d be a guy loathing this sort of move but this year, with not knowing what we might happen upon at 3, I like the middle of the 1st round a lot and a second crack at the 30s (or potentially lumping 32 + 36 to move up).

Curious if others read the article and thoughts on this or other adjacent ideas.

the article:

I listened to a podcast on the article and was not a fan of the Horford trade.

A trade he threw out that I did like was the Kelly Oubre to the Hornets one

Watching that blowout tonight, I am convinced that HOU will be selling some part of what they have (likely nothing we want a part of or aren’t at a place in our process to take advantage of even if they offered something we did)