Realistic Trades in the offseason

Bleacher Report came up with this trade, what do you guys think?

That might be the most ignorant-of-all-things-said trade I have seen. Wiseman isn’t the same guy now that he’s been driven off the lot and we said demonstrably that we were merely hoping to land into Hayward by next year. What possible reason would we EVER do this?

It may be more realistic to try to get a disgruntled T-wolf in KAT, especially if they’re in line to draft Evan Mobley. Melo seems more of a natural leader type than KAT, so it’d be easier for him to fit in and do his unicorn stuff while not having to be a team leader. But I imagine he’s tired of the losing in Minnesota and may be looking for a nice pass first point guard to join up with.

No. I’m all about trying to get KAT here. He looks like he wants a new start a number of fronts. I think we’d be a great fit where he could find joy in basketball.

I think Melo makes Charlotte attractive to young players, I could definitely see KAT wanting to come here

KAT might be one of the more acquirable stars, especially for smaller markets. I’m sure the big markets, and especially Golden State would move mountains to get him in. And maybe Mitch has kept his eye on the situation, which is why he would keep all our assets rather than wasting them on an older Vucevic or a limited Myles.

I’m sure the minimum would be at least 2 first rounders, maybe a couple pick swaps (though they’ll be way worse than us, so that wouldn’t hold value), either PJ or Miles, and another young prospect. But OKC might very well be a big challenger, they can overpay by about 14 draft picks if they wanted.

How would the draft pick rule work with OKC? Is it just you have to keep a draft pick every other year? So, technically, they could trade 10 first round picks or something like that and still be okay?

cant trade picks past 7 years…for instance in Harden case Nets gave up maximum 3 unprotected firsts and 4 first swaps for Haden.

Pick trading restrictions are only for the teams own picks, so the other picks they can trade anytime, but they can only trade their own pick every other year (Stepian rule)

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