Road Warriors: Nuggets Edition

So the question isn’t “if”, but “how long” will it take for jokic to notch his triple double.

I’ll start and be conservative. I’ll say mid third quarter or so. 3Q 4:50 left on the clock.

Double double within eight minutes

Nuggets blown out so starters got some 4Q rest. Ooof. Rest advantage negated lol.

Fingers crossed we win this game. So far, we have won the last game of our prior 2 long trips (@Mem,@Atl). Begging the basketball heavens this trend continues haha

Answer on that double double timeline

Can we go home already lol. What a disaster of a roadtrip

Can we stop shooting 3s?! They aren’t going in, feels like ignoring what’s staring us in the face.

Agree 1000x. There were times when we were in the lead that we forced 3s instead of driving to the lane. Fucking frustrating.

Another inevitable 4q comeback that will come up short on the deck.


Man I stopped watching at the end of the 3rd. You’re welcome guys


Hell of a gutsy win. That was super impressive fight in the 4th.

Uh what. That’s a crazy comeback win

Ish was a spark plug when he came in. As I said in another thread, it’s great having these dependable vet guards play minutes. Terry still played 35 minutes with ish seeing 15 minutes himself.

PJ was a killer down the stretch hitting dagger threes. Seems like PJ’s value can drop way down when he’s not hitting those threes. Glad to see it.