Perhaps get Scoot. And then get Curry.

I was always leaning Scoot. Seeing how dominant a guy like Fox can be, that paired with Melo would be 2 unstoppable guards with the game coming down the wire. I’m all aboard the Scoot train!!

Without Wemby, Scoot would be considered winning the draft lottery in another year.

Does he give you, dare I say, Jimmy Butler vibes?

Scoot. He would be #1 if it wasn’t for victor

Miller isn’t an alpha that showed in March big time.

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To put it lightly, this seems like the wrong locker room for Brandon Miller.


I’m very concerned about that, though Woj just said teams are saying he’s a good character guy. Who knows. Hate that cloud over Miller for sure.


I’ve got a strong gut feeling this will be our starting five in October


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Anything but Scoot, I’ll be disappointed. Miller would be cool at 3, but you HAVE to take Scoot if he’s there. Alpha dog.

So I also think Scoot is the guy, but give me a minute here. I need you to walk me through this.

So, we all know that terry is not the winning pairing with Melo. Pretend we trade rozier and insert Scoot in the line up.

The criticism has been that terry is a subpar defender and doesn’t have the height. So we switch the 6’1 terry for the 6’2 Scoot. Scoot isn’t as good of an outside shooter (yet) as terry is, and he’s not know for being a rugged on ball defender. Sure, scoot has more potential ceiling to grow, and he’s a better facilitator.

But the problem remains.

So I’m not going to say this is an “obvious slam dunk” pick and situation.


From this article:

Doing the NBA’s Rising Star event in February, Scoot Henderson revealed he has already started to think about his fit on each potential team

Henderson did not say which player or team he prefers. But he acknowledged his desire to play in an explosive backcourt next to another dynamic guard. He described the idea as “showtime.”

I think we can give him what he wants.


I’ve been leaning miller but that’s about 55/45. I gotta dig in and check out Scoots game. The knock on miller shrinking in the big moments and not being an alpha I think are unfair. He was playing thru a groin injury in the tourney I believe and prior to that I witnessed absolute dominance from him on the college bball stage.

What big stage has Scoot ever been on to demonstrate that? The one game against Wembys team I guess.

If their ceilings were Paul George Vs Russel Westbrook and they both reach their ceilings, which one are you taking for this team?

Kawhi Leonard. How big are Miller’s hands? I heard Scoots got big hands, along with a long reach of 6-9 (for a 6-2 guy).

I’m on team Scoot atm but I really haven’t done the research to make a great opinion

But isn’t the knock on our Melo-terry back Court the size issue? Swapping 6’1 terry for 6’2 scoot? Scoot isn’t a great defender and he’s not as good of a shooter as terry.

I’m just glad we get to have the Scoot vs. Miller debate rather than the Whitmore vs. Thompson twin debate.


I don’t think we can go wrong with either. Scoot seems highly complimentary to LaMelo and does things well that Ball doesn’t as well as gives him a highlight target. Miller seems like the prototype any team would want. Seems like it’s all upside.

Imo that’s not a debate. In fact, I think Whitmore should enter the debate at 2. Like his fit. I’ve been Whitmore 2-8 for a couple of weeks now. Obviously, I’ll have to do more research now that we know where we’re at.

Right now I have to lean to Team Scoot, but after I knew we were in the top three I was pretty darn happy!

Figure out a way to move Terry if the deal is right. Gordon moves on after next year. Assuming Big Mark takes a big step forward next season. Miles returns. Things are looking up.

It will be interesting to see what we do with our late first and the second round picks - what kind of trades can we make with this capital?

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It has been foretold

He will be better than Wemby