I don’t think they’re saying theres a direct line to trading #2 to the Spurs.

The Spurs want another lottery pick to match a point guard with Vic. The Hornets would consider trading down from 2. But the Spurs don’t directly have enough to trade to us for the #2.

For us to trade down, most likely it would either be #3 plus a future high pick or high level young prospect, or for 2 higher lottery picks + a future prospect/1st rounder.

Spurs don’t have those, but they may have enough assets to trade up to somewhere in the top 10, just probably not top 4 or 5.

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Trading down would just contradict everything Mitch has said since landing this pick. He’s adamant we our better than the fourth worst team in the league. And when our team is healthy he’s clearly right in that assessment.

Every one in the building from MJ, Mitch, and Clifford on down to the players should be striving to at least be back in the play in next season. We already have 5 picks in this draft and I doubt we use more than 3 of them. So trading down for more assets just really does not make any sense for me unless they think they can land a bonafide star.

I don’t care if they take Amen at #2, decide on who you think the best player in this draft is at Wemby and just take them. Don’t get cute.

QC they have 28 draft picks between now and and 2029 , With at least6 high first the next two years . If we was selling i could see a move like this. Read the artical i posted it explains it better.

I agree, Brandon Miller is a great prospect. If you put him in LaMelo’s draft class he’s likely considered a better prospect than LaMelo and possibly even Anthony Edwards

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Do you mind posting Scoots missed games stats? I was looking for them but could not get a comprehensive picture.

There is a thread on this in another section.

Come again?

Mono takes years to recover from even in healthy individuals. Nasty stuff

Oh I know that. That is why I have big concerns on that alone.

While I don’t think there’s much to separate Scoot and Miller in pure talent terms, 1a and 1b respectively for me, it’s elsewhere that Miller is loosing ground. Off court issue, health issue … at some point it becomes too much, hence Miller interviewed with a dozen teams. That’s a lot for someone who was a nailed on top 3 pick not that long ago.

Team Scoot for Fran.

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Brandon miller finished at/around the rim at 39% within the context of half court sets. He also had a slightly negative AST/TO ratio (2.1/2.2). And as an NBA rookie, he’s not going to be amazing at creating his own shot consistently, and stats indicate he may not be a great finisher at the rim as is. And rookies aren’t known as the greatest defenders, and it doesn’t appear that Brandon is a great defender by all accounts.

Which leaves his shooting. I’d expect to see Brandon miller take a lot of threes this year, especially because he’s still physically under developed. So what is he bringing when his shot isn’t falling?

Would you trade Lamelo ball and two future first round picks to Portland for #3 pick to select Brandon miller? And keep pick 2? Pair miller and scoot?

No LaMelo is worth the #3 straight up. I would even say, Portland needs to throw in something of value

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Melo, #27, and a 2024 1st for #3 and Sharpe.

I agree with this. I don’t think I’d do it though. Doesn’t make a lot of sense. Melo is one of the best things we’ve ever had and I’d argue his upside is more than this years 3rd pick.

Hey guys, remember in 2018 when the Sacramento kings were too worried about “fit” with De’Aaron Fox they passed on Luka Dončić so they could draft Marvin Bagley? Because of you know, De’Aaron Fox.

Learn from this. Don’t be the Kings. Don’t pass up on a Luka.

Melo is proven , Miller isn’t. Miller and Sharp and a 24 first. Don’t want to lose in a trade again

If we do this I quit the Franchise

I think Lamelo has proven much more value than I am seeing people say on this forum.