Melo, #27, and a 2024 1st for #3 and Sharpe.

I agree with this. I don’t think I’d do it though. Doesn’t make a lot of sense. Melo is one of the best things we’ve ever had and I’d argue his upside is more than this years 3rd pick.

Hey guys, remember in 2018 when the Sacramento kings were too worried about “fit” with De’Aaron Fox they passed on Luka Dončić so they could draft Marvin Bagley? Because of you know, De’Aaron Fox.

Learn from this. Don’t be the Kings. Don’t pass up on a Luka.

Melo is proven , Miller isn’t. Miller and Sharp and a 24 first. Don’t want to lose in a trade again

If we do this I quit the Franchise

I think Lamelo has proven much more value than I am seeing people say on this forum.


If we draft Scoot, then we have to see how he and LaMelo coexist on the roster. Down the road, you can talk about trading one of them if it doesn’t work, but there’s no way I trade LaMelo without seeing what he and Scoot can do first.

Also, what meds would Mitch need to be on for him to have the pep for any of these hypothetical trades?


Guys I’m 1-2% serious about trading Melo.

I really want Sharpe. He’s going to be an all star.

I know where you’re coming from.

However, I don’t see Portland doing anything other than trying to put pieces around Dame. I think they’d want Miller over Scoot and are all about fit at this point in time. The Rockets and the Magic are the teams high in the Lottery I think are desperate for Scoot (therefore would be for LaMelo too).

It’s why I threw out the idea that made others throw up. That of trading #2 for Franz Wagner, #6 & #11. I’d then go full tonto & try to use #11, #27 & Terry to get into a conversation with the Nets for Mikal Bridges (happy to add another 1st, maybe 2). LaMelo, Mikal, Franz, Walker & Williams would be a hell of a starting unit. Packed full of D, passing and potential. Plus, we wouldn’t have lost any depth and the only negative value contract on the books would be Hayward’s expiring one. Fanciful, but one can dream.

At the end of the day, I feel to a 97.5% degree of confidence that Portland will keep that #3 pick and draft one of miller or scoot.

I don’t think there’s any one player that’s going to come in and take Portland to the finals. And I don’t think Portland is going to be willing to mortgage the rapidly approaching post-Lillard future for someone like KAT.

If you want a good listen, check out the No Ceilings NBA Draft podcast interview with scoot’s g league coach.

Compares scoot to Jason Kidd in terms of how he likes to rebound and push.

Love that comp. Minus kidd’s DV history, love it. We don’t need two of those on the team. But I like the Jason Kidd comp.

That’s pretty lofty. Jason Kidd is one of the premier assist and setup guys that has ever played. He was Chris Paul and magic wrapped up into one in terms of being a floor general.

Scoot finished at the rim at a 59% clip but is 6-7” shorter. Wow.

Definitely is. But I get it. From a standpoint of being able to find teammates and attack the rim at different speeds, I can see it. Scoot’s ability to finish at the rim (59% last season) shows me that willingness and ability to mix it up at the glass and be that great rebounding PG. His unreal length really helps.

I think you could take Jason Kidd and thrown him in any offense. I feel similarly with Scoot. Edit: Scoot’s mid range game and ability to score from anywhere reminds me of Kidd. I could see Scoot bullying softer PGs with his strength.

This is the best, most balanced, take on the Sccot vs. Miller debate that I’ve come across. Really good watch/listen: Yahoo Sports

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Oooh, edgy content creator, “Trade Lamelo” headlines for clicks!!

Also, the author

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Oh yeah, a Celtics guy figuring a way to help the Celtics. Ok buddy.

I see too much the defeatist mindset that Lamelo will definitely leave. It’s like if you score the hot model chick, but you can’t believe you got her and think she’s gonna leave you any moment, then you start sabotaging it to prove yourself right.


I am 75/25 that melo will leave.

I am 100/0 against paying brown $40+m a year to not be able to dribble with his left hand in playoffs


I would much rather have 6th 11th and Wangner for Melo if we trading him. Lot better deals out thair.

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Agree with that. Was wondering where Brown was the last few games, can’t be disappearing if you’re all NBA.

But also, Lamelo + Brown would work infinitely better than Tatum/Brown. Those 2 have to switch back and forth between getting the ball and getting in rhythm. Melo would be able to set up and feed Brown for easier scoring opportunities instead of waiting his turn.

But rather pay Scoot/Miller rookie scale contract than having that pairing anyway.

I guess I’m still not understanding this foregone mindset. Nothing Melo has said in the past that he doesn’t like it here or wants big city lights. His personality actually seems he would stay through it all unless forced out.

If he had his dads personality, I agree with you, but he’s the opposite of that.

He could be just like Dame, Beal, Giannis, sticking with the mid market that drafted him.