Suns game thread

We are playing the suns. I already see more match up zone. Can’t wait for Phoenix to set a franchise record for threes tonight.

Monk just scored 20 in the second quarter!




Oh wow what a total bullshit overturned call on the Zeller “blocking foul”.

That was bs and then Terry gets killed no call right in front of the ref on a 3, then they t him up

Good. I’ve been waiting for JB to get pissed and show some emotion. Glad he stood up for his guys and drew the tech.

Just got home from a date, love it when Monks on fire

Let’s win this

I don’t like how this is going

We desperately need to find a big with some semblance of an offensive game to come in and take Biz’s minutes. Love the guy, but he is such a liability offensively.

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What a stupid call, Booker clearly leaned into him


Yeah, that was an atrocious call and the fact Booker initiated the contact and hit Gordon in the face. Should’ve been automatic offensive foul.

This officiating has been bad.


How do you look at that for 4 minutes and then come to that bs conclusion


Refs really wanted the Suns to win that one

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Get ready for some more shouts the -NBA is rigging things for the Hornets- :rofl: (after the Warriors with Draymonds mess). Suns were complaining hard at the end as it appeared Gordon fouled Booker on the final 3 point shot. I mean if it wasn’t for the bad call prior it wouldn’t have come down to that.

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Had an epiphany watching Booker get these bs calls. Can you guys wait until LaMelo starts getting any calls? He’s going to be bonkers, he’s doing all of this getting no whistle at all right now.


Yup, he is getting killed by the whistle on both ends currently. That will change. WE HAVE A GUY THAT COULD GET GHOST FOULS NOW!

I have feel like he would honestly be averaging another 4 points if the refs weren’t swallowing their whistle so much on his drives. He seems to get hacked all the time and rarely gets calls in his favor.

He was talking about the Gordon and-1 call on Booker

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