The one Where we Play the Bulls

Theo and nic Richards seem to have a good rapport. I’ve seen Theo find Richards several times off of the ball screen. Slipped a few nice little passes into Nic.

The sudden emergence of nic Richards has been wild yall.

the bulls tv commentary duo is fucking putrid. horrible.

dude. i’d give anything to get plumlee off the floor. i cannot stand him.


Gordon can’t be shipped off this squad soon enough

The best ability is availability


Would you trade one glass-man for another?

Hopefully Gordon Hayward left at halftime to go get a haircut.

holy shit guys, it took 8 games for hayward to get injured.

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I knew we would come crashing back to earth! These are the real Charlotte Hornets!

what the hell is going on with hayward?

When he slipped in the SAC game, he seemed to catch all his weight on the left shoulder. He was favoring it then and didn’t make a shot again in that game after. Not sure he’s made a FT since.

I’ve never seen a team miss so many layups and shots near the baskets.

At one point we have a chance to cut it to a 4 point deficit, but jalen McDaniels missed a bunny and Chicago quickly ran it down the court for a 3 to go up by nine points.

I’d love for jalen mcdaniels to settle the fuck down, compose himself, and be a stronger finisher near the rim. Seen that guy miss so many shots near the bucket tonight.

Someone with DVR or watches replays of the game. I’m begging you, PLEASE count the amount of shots jalen mcdaniels missed near the rim. He went 5/17 tonight. I’d guess he missed around 8 shots near the rim.

It’s mind blowing.

For those wanting the team to tank, games like these are wonderful!


Woof. That’s a lot of bunnies missed

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It will be hard to compeate with four of our top 7 players out . We could say we missed our top three players tonight . Team is young with no body to lead them in the second half.
Would have loved to see Mark Williams tonight .


I didn’t pay attention to the bench but thought he was sent up to GSO yesterday instead of riding with the team to CHI.


Thanks i kinda thought that. Hope he gets a lot of burn with them. I think Meladone is going to the swarm as soon as we get a point back. I noticed hes on a two way contract.

We are starting to look how we all thought we would look. We need our guys back asap. It seems we are about to go on a losing streak if they don’t.