The rest of the association: off season 2022

Good for Caleb. I’m super happy for this whole family.


To be honest, $7M is not much different than $8M we are paying Cody. And I believe Cody is the more consistent of the two, I cannot speak to who is “better”, since they are different.

Another to note is, Caleb is getting $7M in a championship contending team who have no trouble attracting talent. So, I feel that we got a good deal with Cody.

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Good for Gana. He was always super nice in person and contract aside I always loved his colorful sportcoat game.

Nice, seems that we will be playing this season for Wembanyama.


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I really can’t imagine there’s not an effort to get Turner to PHX.

SL moves start pick up
as tanking teams establish themselves in race to bottom & Wemby & need help losing games…we can help

Right now SA “best” and we can do our part & help stay there
SA…SF Kheldon Johnson & C Poetl for Oubre & Nick
and more…*den 1rst 2023 and 2nds from NY trade and, Bouk & other…depends if rookie extension signed and any “all but Ball” MJ desperation

There will be other players out there too and we need to be a participator and not a spectator

Ainge rid of Mitchell and starts another Boston process…Bogdanovich & Clarkson

Nets dump kyrie & Durant…Curry & Harris

  • in trying estimate value…Atlanta purchased Murray with our top 16 protected & 2 hawks unprotected first. Den top 14 & any 2 from bouk, kai/mark, protected future first ???

Another whiff on my BINGO card

I read that on ESPN. What a great statement. Sounds like someone I would definitely work with

Read that Miami is trying to get D Mitchell or K Durant. Man next year is gonna suck in the southeast.

Okay, let’s see if Boogie is right. I’ve said it before, I am afraid that Chet is going to break:

I feel like KD will be in Brooklyn next season. I don’t think any team wants to meet the asking price right now.

You are right unless he decides to sit or gets “injured”

KD is toxic yet teams are falling over themselves to get him. He put together the team and coach up there and now that it’s a failure, he’s taking no responsibility and trying to abandon his own mess.

He’s a terrible GM. Don’t get me started on the fake social media identities and burner account. Talk about immature. I have zero sympathy.

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What the what?

Think Mo has this pegged or pretty close


The nets created a monster. Yet teams are falling over themselves for KD’s schizophrenic drama. It’s good that they are leaking this news about KD. What is worse is that the free agency season is broken because everybody wants a shot at him. I guess that is good for us until we find out what will happen to Miles. We need the extra time.

KD has no heart what so ever. Such a talented player but such a brat.

KD really has disappeared up his own arse. Nets ownership and front office need to grow some balls and not stand for this sort of thing. I’m all for players having more power than they used to, but this has gone WAY, WAY too far.