We Win… We won… Hawks

Hawks suck! And so do the Binghamton Bears! But that’s a story for a different night! Let’s go Danbury Hatricks! I mean Charlotte Hornets!

Terry with another Terry night. I’ll continue to say it. I don’t understand why so many are so eager to just give him away for scraps. He’s still just 28 and solidly in his prime. If he’s traded for cap relief and the 26th pick it would truly be a shame.

As much as Terry can shoot you out of games, every once in a while he’ll win you one.

Should Plumlee be considered for the All-Star Game? Maybe as a replacement for Embiid. I dunno, just thinking out loud.

NOW we decide to give a damn playing in Atlanta, smh. More effort here than in last years play in game.

What’s up with lamelo’s diamond showerhead pendant?

I feel the same about Terry as well. If we can get something of real value, sure… but I don’t want to just give him away like he’s Nick Batum.

I also think Terry could help us for a few more year. Keep him unless we get a great offer for him. I am liking Plumlee more he seems to play with more effort than the vast majority of the Hornets. Wow 2 wins in a row.

This is such an embarrassing loss for the Hawks. Losing at home to one of the worst teams in the league while you’re trying to climb the standings.

That last inbound possession was like staring straight in the mirror. Why the hell would your superstar, the biggest scoring/foul drawing threat on the team, be taking the ball out with no chance to get a pass back? Plus being the shortest he would have the hardest time inbounding the ball? And after failing the first time, decide to try the same play again?? Even Steve Clifford would’ve been shaking his head at the play, and he knows inbounding impotence.

Overall, I would rather have their recent success, and general history than ours for sure. But I’d much rather be in our position now than theirs. They’ve reached the dreaded treadmill of mediocrity. Their moves haven’t worked, and they can’t reset without losing their star.

Making a conference finals run should always be appreciated, but that left them no choice but to be stuck with McMillan instead of finding a true fit. I think they have good pieces, but they set themselves up catering too much to Trae to rebalance the playing style any other way. Oh well.

Super proud of Plumlee in keeping up first rounder compensation status. (Although my sneaking suspicion is the team actually likes Plumlee so much, they’d rather to sign him long term to be an eventual backup with Mark, and let Nick walk).

Terry had an excellent first rounder compensation game as well, I’d have my social media team pumping out all his highlights of this game. And speaking of social media, I’d be showing that Gordon dunk nonstop to maybe trick a team into thinking the old rig still has some good miles on it. And his hair is normal now too!

PJ has been playing better in 2023. Averaging 16.6 points now and shooting 46% from 3 since the new year. He’s not a “must-have-to-move guy,” he definitely adds value to the team, and if we get a top 2 pick, would be a nice player to have to spread the floor. Although if we win the Vic lottery, I assume Vic has to start, and I don’t think PJ can keep up with 3’s. But I guess the lottery is decided before free agency, so that decision making can wait til then anyway.

I don’t watch enough basketball to have a firm opinion but I said to my wife "the hawks coach should be fired for dereliction of duty for that last inbounds play. Especially since he was afforded a do-over

I agree that I’d rather be us than Atl. I’ve long felt that mediocrity was more likely their destination than a return trip to the CFs. They’re overspent and their once promising young core never developed. JC is my guy. Love him as a person, but his regression as a player is perplexing. Hunter is their version of PJ. and last night notwithstanding, there’s no way he’s going to be worth 22m per over the next 4 years. They gave up valuable draft capital to trade for Murray, who hasn’t moved the needle enough, and it’s looking like dealing Heurter may have been a mistake. They are headed nowhere fast.

But at least they have a great, newly renovated arena that we got to hear about for almost an entire quarter last night.

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I think everyone hates playing with trey young. i watch him play and always come away with, i wouldn’t enjoy playing with him