Weirdest moment being a basketball fan in 2020?

Following draft day rumors in November is bizarre. What have been some of the oddest moments for you as a basketball fan during the pandemic?

One of mine was definitely seeing the virtual fans on the screen while watching a game. It was like the game had instantly involved into a new thing.

Seeing this name pop tops my 11.2020 bingo card

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Watching games in the bubble live on my TV while working from home on the couch. I had never worked from home until this year.

Walking through a post apocalyptic, almost empty uptown Charlotte and managing to find an open bar at Epicentre(Mortimer’s) to sit down and watch a Tuesday afternoon bubble game with those creepy virtual fans along the court.
It was pretty much science fiction.

It’s sad what has become of the center city.

The Hornets have actually been one of the more prominent teams in the national media spotlight the past two months and that’s odd

Fun fact about Mortimer’s … Boris Diaw was one of the original owners. Their “Big Diaw” sandwich is named after him.

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Cool fact! I had forgotten about Diaw’s restaurant involvement.

Isn’t that redundant. If I’m ordering the Diaw, I expect a scooby doo stacked sandwich with extra bacon, deep fried onion rings, buttery toasted buns, 5 kinds of cheese, and the expectation I won’t have to work for the next 3 days.

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Kemba jerseys are still on the hornets shop online and they’re more expensive than jerseys of Devonte and PJ

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