Welcome New Owners

The new owners haven’t shown much urgency to fix the roster since taking over. In fact they have been pretty cautious. It’s all adding up:

No real roster moves
Keeping Coach Steve
No front office move
Humble press conference
Low workman like profile

Compare tha to what Mat Ishbia did in Phoenix. That guy went out and got KD right away and said that he’s building a champion.

We are in full assessment mode with likely colossal disruption coming next April.

I would assume that Ishbia took over earlier in the offseason and, therefore, had the time to make trades etc. Not to mention, pretty much all trades are on hold waiting to see how the Dame situation plays out and if their franchise is going to be part of it.

Agree completely. Both with your assessment and the idea that we should be. My wish is to invest in infrastructure improvements asap and asses everything personal wise.


Mat took over in February of this year. He’s a brash owner and a super nova owner compared to our guys. No shade on Mat of course but who needs flashy anyway?



So excited for Wallace to be honored.

Cool about Baron, but that’s huge to have the franchise reconnect with Wallace.


Thank you. I was just thinking about this!

These guys paid BILLIONS just to buy Mike’s headaches.

Don’t care what anyone says. Fans who still have some Bobcats gear need to pull it out and wear it to the Gerald Wallace night. Light Spectrum up with the orange and blue!

Paying 7-15 dollars to watch Wallace work his athletic tail off, even for such a crummy team, was a very worthwhile trip to downtown. I actually get nostalgic for it. Heck, I think I even got a midweek special for around $5 to see them defeat rookie D-Rose and the Bulls in late 2008.

We had a poor man’s NBA team and he was our poor man’s Dr. J.


Gerald Deserves to have his Jersey retired.

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Gerald Henderson? Haha

Yes we need to be pessimistic heading into this season. It makes supporting the Hornets so much better. Disregard that a big part of their disappointing season had little to do with a lack of talent and was in large part due to key long term injuries!

We suck, there is no reason to watch our guys play this season!

This season is over before it even begins!

I don’t have any access to them. Folks seem to like them.

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They seem to be well liked by folks so far and also are retaining their promising talent internally, investing into employees. All good things so far.

I’ve been wanting to buy a Bobcats Adam Morrison for awhile.

I was born in 99 so I grew up with the Bobcats and have fond memories of the team so I definitely am happy to see the team embrace Gerald Wallace and the Bobcat rather than keep it hidden.

The Bobcats kinda represented a second youth for me. I realized I wasn’t gonna do the wife-and-kids thing and kinda relaxed with my free time. We got a second chance at the NBA, and I loved the (then)new feature of hitting uptown for games. Also enjoyed the way the NBA was played in those Bobcat years. I bet the '09-10 playoff season was fun for ya.

Also, I have more Bobcats gear than I care to admit. A lot of it was freebies or thrift store purchases.

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I have given away tons (of Bobcats gear) and still have way more than I know what to do with.

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I still have some Bobcats stuff and will always want to hang onto it. While I wouldn’t say I was against switching back to the Hornets, I actually liked being the Bobcats. I feel like we caught lightening in a bottle with the original Hornets. It was new, fun, and cool and following those teams made for some of my best memories as a sports fan. But as much as we try to pretend like this iteration of the Hornets is a continuation of that, it’s not. That’ll always be special, and although I’m just as ride or die for this team, the re-boot has never quite felt the same to me. Which is why I was ok with Charlotte 2.0 having it’s own identity. I liked the feline symmetry between the Bobcats and the Panthers, and as much as people seemed not to like him, I actually thought the play on words with Johnson’s name was pretty clever.


Morrison was on his way to being a good player before the injury.

Keep it, its tough to find.

I was born a couple of decades before you, which hurts to type, but the one Bobcats jersey I would own is a Gerald Wallace one. Love the way he played the game.