Welcome to the Hive Charles Lee

I’ll absolutely settle for that. My overriding hope is that, within two to three years, the Hornets have an established identity. I hope we take a step towards that in this draft.

Was cool to see our two biggest stars come out and support the new coach.

Also, Kemba was in the building too!

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With the (pre?) summer league win, I’d like to announce that coach Lee has moved his way into my top 5 hornets/bobcats coaches of all time. Haha, but actually though.

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If he’s above average, that moves him into top 5. Above .500 then he’s already in top 2

  1. Cowens - 61% record
  2. Bristow - 51%
  3. Silas 1st stint - 57%, 2nd stint drops him
  4. Clifford - 43%
  5. Borrego - 46%

If he gets us past the 2nd round at any point, he’s the greatest coach in Hornets history.