Who makes the 15-man roster 2021-22?

Note: @Keetch correctly points out that 17 is not the current active roster, the Exhibit 1 Carton is included in that.

Exhibit 10 Contracts (we have 6 we can use, 5 remaining)

Current Year 2-Way (nothing was carried over from last year)

I realize the obvious is we cut the two non-guaranteed contracts (Jalen and Cody) but I’d rather retain at least one of them (prefer Jalen) and let one of last year’s centers duke it out for the final spot. I know a lot of guys think Gelo makes the roster but I think that’s a long shot. Seems more likely he makes an Exhibit 10 and spends the year in GSO.

It would be pretty silly to let Jalen go. He fits so well with what the team is trying to do.

Iwundu is actually going to be a part of this team?

Are two way contracts already guaranteed for the year once signed? Thinking if someone (example: Gelo) can “steal” one of the 2 way slots available, though again its dependent on the guarantee question.

I’d be stunned if Gelo made the roster too. Exhibit 10 & Greensboro, yes.

Again agree we have to let one of last years second round centres go, even if it costs us. Money. I still think Vernon, who’s considerably younger, is the one to keep. Though he really does need to start showing us something.

Jalen has to stay. Simple as that. He’s a really nice 3-4 bench piece who’s getting better.

It says there are 17 players on that list but I keep counting 16. 17 might include Batum’s stretch(?) but that’s not a roster spot.

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You are right, it’s counting the Exhibit 10 (Carton) as a roster spot. Good eye, great catch.

So that’s better, we will need to cut one of that to group, not 2. 2 if you want to roster Gelo.

That’s a good point. Will Iwundu really make the team or will we just cut him? He can certainly play and is good value on his contract.

Bye cody and good riddance.

Bottom line is that the team needs to find a way to get Jalen and Gelo on the team.

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I’d change that to 2 if you want to get a third PG on the roster. I think it’s very important to get another vet there and would (as @ncborn mentioned) be content to have Brad back. Riller has shown he’s simply not up to the task. Let’s see if we can develop Carton in Greensboro.

Ball, Ish, Wanamaker.
Terry, Bouknight, Cody or Wes.
GH, Oubre, McDaniels.
Miles, PJ, Thor.
Plumlee, Kai, Vernon.

Lewis & Kulboka on 2 ways, Carton & Gelo on Exhibit 10s. The only way Gelo gets on the roster, and I wouldn’t be mad at this, is if we cut both Cody & Wes. A lot depends on team chemistry for me. If Gelo fits in really well then, why not?

He’s in the DG deal so unless we were unloading him for NOP, we wanted him in the deal. Hard to think he’s an off season cut, especially with guaranteed money.

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Is a great point. Recency bias noted, summer league points or the need for play makers over additional athletic wing shooters. And I agree that Riller hasn’t shown yet he’s it. Carton does a lot of things well but creating for others isn’t his best skill. Love his effort and defensive activity though.

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They just signed Iwundu so don’t think they’d cut him to keep Cody. Wondering why they haven’t yet; guess they’ll wait until the deadline.

I think we need both a Center and likely a third PG. We’re just too young (or bad) at the 5 so that’s the primary problem.

I think they’re hoping Richards steps up as he’s the shot blocker. But he’s pretty flawed and likely won’t. I don’t think they’re enamored w Carey at all. Would they waive either though? I’ll believe it when I see it.

Obviously we haven’t solved the center position with Plumlee. Kai could be great but is likely a year away from being a serious player. We’ll miss Biz if we have to play Richards or Carey much.

Gelo? No room, no need other than to gain favor w LeMelo. Lonzo went to Chicago. Maybe some other team will pick up Gelo and we’ll get props for giving him the opportunity.

Carton is a human turnover right now. But it’s only two summer league games. Too early.

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well the guaranteed money is a different story. iwundu can play some ball.

I don’t know that we need to keep a 3rd PG. I like Terry much more off the ball, but if circumstances force the issue he’s certainly capable of sliding over and playing PG in a pinch.

Keeping McDaniels is a must.

IMO, Richards is the most obvious cut from this list. I just don’t see an NBA skill set there.

I wouldn’t be opposed to giving Gelo a look simply because our shooting took a hit when we didn’t bring back Devonte and Monk. I could see him potentially addressing a situational need. If we did that the second cut would have to be either Cody or Iwundu. I’m admittedly not that familiar with Iwundu, but I value Cody’s contribution more than most so my lean would be towards keeping him around. If it’s a toss up, the front office will obviously prioritize guaranteed money over non-guaranteed, but I need to educate myself on Iwundu’s game more before I can answer thoughtfully about Gelo vs. Cody vs. Iwundu.

You know who would be mad at a 10-day contract for Gelo - Gelo, his dad, Melo and the rest of the Baller clan. Any team can snatch a player off of a 10-day. Get used to the idea that we have to start catering to our star player. This isn’t the 1980s and 90s. Melo’s voice will get bigger each year.

Look at how p!ssed off Tre Young was at the Hawks 2 years ago. They move heaven and earth to make Tre happy. You telling me you don’t think the Hornets are in the same position? Why do you think we were the ONLY team to give Gelo a shot this summer? That is not a coincidence.

Player (Melo) empowerment has reached NC.

It was a mess-up to put Scottie on the two-way. Scottie should be on a bunch of 10 days along with Grant. My guess is that we trade a few guys to make space.

Which brings me back to my question if we can still retract the 2-way contract given and give it to another player before the start of the season. I don’t know if it was answered already here. Can’t find the answer in the internet too

Exhibit 10 != 10-day contract but I am not entirely clear if you cannot still poach a player off a G-League roster whom has an Exhibit 10 contract. It doesn’t read as if you can but perhaps they can if they pick up the bonus pay. They are very distinctly different things however.

Exhibit 10 Contract — A Uniform Player Contract that includes an Exhibit 10 allows teams to waive a player, but then pay that waived player a bonus of between $5,000 to $50,000 if they timely sign a contract with the team’s G league affiliate and play with that G league team for 60 days. The Exhibit 10 also allows teams to convert the contract to a Two-Way Contract prior to the first day of the regular season (without waiving the player) — this is called a “two-way player conversion option.” If a team converts the contract to a Two-Way Contract, then the bonus is converted into compensation protection. And because the Exhibit 10 allows the contract to be converted into a Two-Way Contract, the Exhibit 10 also includes the Standard NBA Contract Conversion Option.

  • These contracts must (i) cover 1 season (ii) provide for the minimum player salary (with no bonuses of any kind other than the Exhibit 10 bonus) without any compensation protection (other than in connection with the two-way player conversion option), and (iii) include an Exhibit 10 to the Uniform Player Contract.
  • No team may have more than 6 players under contract with an Exhibit 10.
  • A player’s contract can include both an Exhibit 9 and an Exhibit 10, but if the team exercises the two-way player conversion option, then the Exhibit 9 is effectively deleted.

10-Day Contract — A 10-Day Contract is one that has a term equal to 10 days or 3 games, whichever is longer. These contracts can only be signed on or after January 5 of any season, and cannot extend past the end of the regular season. The player’s salary in a 10-day Contract is pro-rated and cannot be less than his applicable minimum player salary. Terminating these contracts does not require following the waiver procedure. A team can only enter into a 10-Day Contract with the same player twice in any season. More importantly, a team can only sign a limited number of 10-day contracts, depending on the size and makeup of the team’s active and inactive lists.

From NBA Contract Types — CBA Breakdown

Kulboka showed something yesterday. Shame there is a logjam at his position.

We need #5 guard. B4 summer fiasco was going with Riller here, not now.
No sign/trade, hard to leave #15 roster spot open as in past. Gello limited guard skills, but strong Gellomania is. If spot open and we not sign gello, angry big ballers.

Mitch completely revamp depth he not liked
would like see more Jalen, but feel gone and rebooting prospects with vet signings

Ball, Ish
Rozier, Bouknight, (guard/Gello)
Hayaward, Oobre, Inwundu
Miles, PJ, Kai, Thor
Plumlee, Richards, Carey

beginning see a want at center too, free agent market bare and need make roster spot
Carey 1.5 guaranteed + 3.5 million Cody Jalen cutables

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