Wizards Part 2 Prediction

8-3 against the spread

Sorry guys, Wizards by 6

I felt uneasy about the last two. Both close games. I got no feeling about this game but I’ll take the good guys to win.

Hope we can keep it together. I’m scared to start losing again.

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Good win tonight - I don’t know about going iso ball every play down the stretch but they’ll learn and evaluate after a victory


Wish they would just run their offense.

Good win

Melo man… kid can ball

Tough win…despite being outrebounded 65-36(!!!)

This team has been winning off your anxiety lately. It fuels them

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Good game Terry stepped up . And took the slack while Miles had a tough game.Iso about killed us. this team needs to move the ball.

Yeah… it seems JB calls a timeout when we are flowing but when we are just doing stuff holding the ball, he just lets them play.

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LOL. Good win regardless of how ugly it was.

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Great win and bounce back from road trip, hope this is Rozier breakout game we have been wanting.

great job coach getting pace, offense, and defense more under control, last 6 given up 103.5 points a game while scoring 107 (+3.5 per game difference, 5-1), compared to before scoring 2nd most points and giving up most in NBA ( -1 , 6-7). On offensive side, getting slumping Ball, Hayward, Miles, and Rozier back on track should give us a bump there. And still have that helter skelter play to fall back on when needed.

Ball the man and really wanted to work out but had to bench Ish Smith #59/66 at PG, 7.8 PER, -10.7, 86 ORT, 113DRT from the main rotation with Rozier backup and gets Oubre/Cody minutes.

At center plumlee #4 +/- on team at +.3…PJ -8.4, Nick -10.1. Smallest ball Miles been really good here but not want for longterm heavy minutes. Healthy PJ playing more than 7 games IMO will see improvement at +/1 and glimpse at what we saw…center can make FT & mobile size. But if PJ looks like going to be out a lot, i am probably beating this drum to much, FO need eat $$$ and open roster spot…Carey has been really bad.

Forwards a strong unit (hayward, miles, oubre, cody, jalen) giving us good minutes at SG and now center too.

With rough stretch coming up need wins vs @Orlando & vs Minnesota.

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What I am enjoying about this team is that it seems like one or two guys step up every night. When we have a third one of our top five that plays well, we win. But the fact of the matter is is that we have five guys that can take over a game, how many teams truly have that?

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Three more road games and we will be -6 on road vs home games. Meaning 6 more road games than home games played.

Also… The Hornets have played the most games in the NBA so far this season. 19 games since Oct. 20

Win 2 of next 3 on road, I won’t care who we play… I’ll feel good about us being a top 6… maybe top 4 team at AS break.

This is a neat angle on that pretty yo-yo play by Terry in the 4th.