2021-22 Hornets Season Thread

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Off topic or not, any shout out to Wu Tang gets a pass from me!


Can’t wait for this team to get healthy and get to the easier chunk of the schedule. I bet we start rolling and put the eastern conference on notice.

Listening to season predictions from analysts, they all (or 95% at least) had this team treading water or worse. And I have no idea why people were so down on this team. They saw last season, so they don’t think this team gets any better?? So lazy. Did they forget how this team was rolling until everyone got injured?

Whatever. I think I predicted 44 wins. I’m sticking by it. Could be more if healthy.


I predicted 45 wins and right now I am saying 48 wins. The first 20 games this year is murder, I was counting 9 wins of the 20 to get to 45. We just need a hole filled .Or Richards to be able to contribute in the rotation. I saw tons of improvement in him last night. He was actually protecting the rim last night. So put me down for 48 lol


32-38 wins right now I would not change that

Again, I’m with you Powell

I predicted 46 or 48, can’t remember.

My prediction was based on excitement from the organization. Not my basketball knowledge, haha


If healthy I can see a push for 44-48.

If not healthy and Plumlee/Richards don’t show a pulse, then less.

Richards is not Shaq but he’s showing a ton of improvement. I expect that to continue.

It’s still early and too soon to make a judgment, but the Plumlee experiment hasn’t been great. Okay at times, horrible at times too. Still early.

Tough stretch ahead. 15 of next 21 on the road, with 2 of the home games against Philly back to back (we haven’t won against them in forever). Hopefully the bugs can stay the course. If we get 10 wins from the 21 games, that would be big.

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We have not had an easy schedule to start the year for sure. But if we can survive the next stretch then we can finish hot.

Agree. If we survive that stretch, we have a home heavy sched from Jan to Mar, very ideal to rack up wins down the stretch. Hopefully they can keep playing well until then

Nice stuff. Seems like Cody is fully unlocked this year

Not sure I’m seeing what you are… I see that 11 of next 21 are on road

We get 76ers back to back as well as Bucks at home. I see that as a positive as we should get a split. That’s a gift!

No doubt that Cody has become an NBA role player and not a scrub. Kid can ball and is multi dimensional

Happy thanksgiving you turds. Hope everyone had a good day.


Despite the shit loss to the Shit Rockets…What I’m thankful for is the hornets hot stretch of wins lately. The wins despite Hayward not playing particularly well and Miles Bridges cooling off a little. Winning despite those two not being at peak performance is a good omen.

It’s a testament to the type of players we’ve brought in, competent bench play, and the value Gordo brings when he’s not scoring.

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Just looked at the upcoming schedule. WOW! Now thru Dec. 10 of 14 on the road, including a 6 game trip out west. At Bulls, Bucks, Hawks, Mavs, Spurs, Blazers, Suns, Jazz, Nuggets, Pacers. Home vs Sixers (2), Kings, Rockets. Being .500 at the end of December, which would mean going 5-9 next 14, might be a good place to start from to make a run to the end of the season. Second half schedule is more favorable.