2022 Draft: Who you like?

He would be an amazing lower cost high ceiling guy for sure.

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Unfortunately, that’s what it’ll take to get rid of Hayward-giving up picks. If there was some sort of market for Gordon Hayward, we would have heard more rumblings.

If people really want to retain Miles, we’ll need to ship out Gordon at a loss.

Please read the cap figures . We will have no problem signing Miles and Martin. . We not in bad shape cap wize. If MJ goes up to the Luxury tax line . I want keep Hayward to his contract drops off . That fits perfect with signing Melo. Both happens at the same time.
Hayward can come off the bench stay healthy and start if some one else gets hurt.

Uh okay. I never said we don’t have the ability to sign Miles. The cap figures tell me that we have about 34m before getting into the luxury tax. Yeah man, we can absolutely spend another 28-30m on miles bridges and put us right up against the luxury tax. And we still have players to sign (Martin and Harrell ideally). Unless you think trez will go for the MLE which I doubt.

So my comment still stands about if we sign miles to a near max deal we really need to give up picks to ship out gordon so that we can add other players.

Unless you think MJ is hell bent on dipping into the luxury tax for a team that can’t make it through the play in.

Mitch getting out from under his Gordon deal huge, no matter coach.

Despite concerns, while no suns/Knicks/ rockets payroll
one aspect of bringing in D’Antoni is expects franchise spends $ as you say, will need to spend to build his veteran roster.

Not easy but doable with 122/149 cap
Now 11 at 109 + 30 million Miles first year max

Does not plays rookies* or interested much in projects anyhow.
Bouk & Kai = 7.2
13 &15 = 7 million
Full plum & Oubre = 21 million

*Edit. Never plays first rounders minutes but not require, no JB rebuilding teams playing Miles,PJ,Ball rookie heavy minutes

If you use Hayward money to sign other players what money are you going to use to sign MELO?
We at 109 million be for Miles . His contract should start around 22 million with raises each year. That puts us at 131,Martin I am hoping for 6 per . That puts us at 137 . We sign two rookies is 5 more. Puts us at 142 . Leaves about 7 for a Bomba type

Gordon is off the books in 2024, which is when Ball will need the big contract (I’m fairly sure). I think 2023 is the team option year and 2024 will be the year he requires the contract as a RFA.

A move of Gordon would be to accommodate the big Miles contract and use the little space we have left to re sign some guys that are cheaper.

A move of Gordon would be to accommodate the big Miles contract and use the little space we have left to re sign some guys that are cheaper.[REPLY]
Tell me then what money are you going to use to sign Melo. If we using Hayward money to sign Miles and some other guys. How are we going to get to Melo money?

Hayward deal drops off before Lamelos extension hits the books. If Hayward was a totally deadweight deal, I would pay what I could pay to get him off the books early, BUT he isn’t deadweight. He can be a significant threat on a nightly basis and someone that defenses have to gameplan for, so I am not in a rush to offload Hayward, but I know that MJ want go into tax unless he feels we are perennial top 4 seed, so there would need to be some serious movement made by us to stay under tax and also be competitive.

Tough offseason for Mitch lol

I don’t know how else to say it man. In three years, Hayward is off the books. And this is the last year of the 8m+ batum dead money.

When Melo re signs, we’ll still have Terry (25m) and Miles (25-30m I’m guessing) on the book. So that’s 50-55m. Then you factor in Melo’s max deal. 30m+? I need to look up the eligibility numbers.

So we’re at 85m. What’re you worried about? Maybe I’m not understanding you.

I mean we’d have LaMelo’s bird rights we could sign him no matter what. Long as MJ steps up and pays the bill

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I’m not really too excited about anyone in this draft. Especially in our 13-15 range. There’s generally a few guys that I key in on to see if they’ll fall in the draft or trade up for, but for some reason I’m just not too jazzed for this draft class.

Is it just me?

Nope. I would trade both of them

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I’m also leaning towards trading the picks

alright good. i’m glad i’m not the only one who doesn’t give a shit about these picks other than trading them.

dnbman, if no Christian Braun, I do like other Kansas wing SG Ochai Abagi
Mature in age, size and game, think of a plus + Cody Martin…with higher floor, talent, and athleticism for a pick at 13/15 vs 36.

Others wings around range, g-league wings not feeling any love, and Kentucky kid wary of, but if falls to 13…but not sure want to go down this road again.

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OK hear is a trade that might work to help us get rid of Terry and our 13th and 15th and our two seconds.
IN, M Robinson , Barrett , Walker . Robinson sign and trade .
Robinson the up grade at center we need . Barrett the big shooting guard most seam to want. Walker a back up point to relive Ball .With only one year left . In addition he comes back home.
NY does this to start their rebuild 2 loto first and two seconds . Terry a 20ppg scorer to replace Barrett. A stop gap in Plumlee to replace Robinson and move of a often injured Kemba
That allows NY to start the build next season . With two veteran’s to help with the young roster In Randle and Terry

We then look like ,
Ball, Kemba
Barrett, Bouknight, Martin
Miles, Hayward Thor
Washington Mcdanial’s Kai
Robinson , Kai, Richards

Count me out on throwing the picks away just to get rid of Hayward’s contract or to get a near washed up player or one that’s not a significant difference maker. Not both of the picks anyway. If it’s a real difference maker I’m down for it.

But the picks, even in this range represent hope. Certainly there’s no guarantee you get a star here but there’s more hope you could develop one from this range in the draft than what we’re likely to get in a trade for the picks becoming one. Mitch has a pretty good track record and You never know when you might get that Giannis, or Donovan Mitchell, or Michael Porter Jr with a 13-15 pick. The draft is like the lottery, you gotta be in it to win it.

He may be bigger, but it’s a 3&D SG that it’s recognized we ideally need. Barrett is OK from 3, but he lacks the ability on D.

For all that Terry isn’t a great fit in our starting line-up, he is a good player and seemingly a good locker room guy too. Despite the fact I’d, in a perfect world, like to see him moved for a true 3&D SG, I don’t want him moved just to see him gone. I like the guy, and I especially like the fact he’s really grown as a player while with us. It’s just that he, and his starter salary, don’t fit with what we need alongside LaMelo & Miles.

*** Side rant alert! If we’d have drafted Moses Moody, I’d like to have seen Moody starting this season with Terry coming off the bench, in his natural 6th Man role. But we didn’t, we drafted another 6th Man style Guard in Booknight who doesn’t fit alongside either LaMelo or Terry.

I was 0-10 on the simulator.

That’s a great sign

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