2023-24 Hornets General Discussion Thread

That’s nuts. I take you did not renew.

30% of the cap to play 30% of the games, not a great deal (for us).

I didn’t renew my seats as many in my row have not as well. They can have ‘em. That increase was to the first two rows on each baseline. Because so many of us opted out they’re going to give us options this week from the open inventory before next Saturday’s select a seat event for current and new season ticket holders.

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Good luck next Saturday. Hope you can work something out.

Guys I still watch some hornets basketball, I just can’t watch entire games and I miss some games entirely here and there. I’ll tune in occasionally hoping that I’m able to catch a rare good game, but no dice for the most part.

I’m a religious listener of the Zach Lowe podcast (if you don’t listen, you should be). Can’t remember when this was mentioned-either last week or early this week-Zach Lowe said that his sources told him that LaMelo’s ankle injury is WAY worse than it’s being advertised, and definitely not just a sprain. Zach Lowe doesn’t say shit if he isn’t sure it’s true. He’s not a “look at how special I am, I want to be an attention whore and get a bunch of clicks”.

A week after he mentioned that about Melo, Hornets announce he’s done for the season.

Also shout out to “Dunkers Spot” for super dope in depth NBA podcast.

Wednesday night against the Cavs was one of the better games we’ve played all season.

It was also great seeing the joy 24 displayed after the win. We all know it by now but it bears repeating how special he is.

Lowe has always been partial to the hornets and would answer emails. Definitely have to take seriously anything he says.

Lets hope he doesn’t need corrective ankle surgery but if he does i hope they go ahead and just get it done

I think his ankle is borderline beyond return to normal. I am very skeptical “he just isn’t ready”

I’ll be there next Saturday, 1:30 pm entry. Moving upstairs for sure

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Come on up, the water’s fine.

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That was yesterday’s podcast with Doris Burke. At around the 17 minute mark is when the Lamelo discussion starts. They had interesting takes on him. Both spoke positive, but he’s got to stay on the floor. I didn’t take his comments on Lamelo’s ankle to be as grim. Just that it’s more than a sprain. I was thinking @Plowright had a Dr on his podcast and they discussed the injury and he said it was more than a sprain. Maybe I’m mistaken. @Plowright can verify that. Anyway, a good listen.

Who wants to design a “Hornets Law” t shirt? And have some catchy phrase for the back of the shirt? Can we workshop sad, but painfully true catchphrases for this?

I’d buy two hornets law shirts.

In honor of coach it has to be a picture of some rando guy holding the follow through up with an emoji smiley face that says insert your teams most irrelevant player here.

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Nice to know we fleeced someone for a change


When he said this the other day it excited me greatly. He can learn a lot from George on both ends. Obviously George sees a lot in him to take him under his wing like this.

Oh by the way can we just S&T Bridges for George this offseason? But seriously.

I mean there IS a possibility that we could sign George and Bridges this offseason with some serious financial maneuvering. Lol one can dream

What is even crazier about this is Hayward started last night, and left the game with left leg soreness…

It really was amazing to get something for him, but to get a solid 2 off the bench AND a servicable backup PG with experience? Amazing.


And if my calculations are correct, the Heat are 19-15 since Rozier started playing for them. 24-19 before he got there. Roughly the same winning %.

So they gave up a first rounder to play the same level of ball and be 7th place in the East.

Admittedly, I haven’t been following their injuries/schedule, etc.

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They have been really banged up. Jimmy was out for awhile. Herro has been injured (as always).

He basically carried them the other night.