2023-24 Hornets General Discussion Thread

I’m looking at things post ownership change, and judging on what actions they’ve taken. Just too painful to look back at missed opportunities!

So far, they have vastly exceeded my expectations. Hard to score them under an A.


Is this an endorsement of the new owners? I am there, I am just looking for other people to join me.

This is what I am talking about! This is why I was not worried about the coaching search. If we get a top 3 pick then it would be pretty hard to mess up the draft.

Things are breaking our way.

If we would of traded the guys under the old regime they would totally messed it up and been fleeced, we would probably owe other teams a first round pick

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Not even close for me. It would have to be something like the haliburton trade between Indy and sac or markkanan with cle and Utah plus picks.

I am going to need a marginal all star type player back plus picks

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For me it was to be a player with superstar potential coming back

I’m not trading a potential top 15 player in the league unless I know I’m getting another player who is currently at that level or has the potential to reach that.


Exactly GW

I know you love melo and I loathe him. (Both overstated for effect) In all seriousness though, I can not put him as a top 15 player when he doesn’t play.

Talent wise it’s debatable but top 25 definitely isn’t. However, he just doesn’t play enough to be considered a top 15 player. Which is why if Detroit offered Ivey + a 3 first unprotected package, I would definitely consider it.

If Utah offered lauri m + 3 1sts I would do it in a heartbeat

And if melo could stay on the court, I wouldn’t trade him to be clear

Really hate that we didn’t nurture his talents better. Think JB was on the right track but feel this is the sort of thing that Clifford didn’t do well.

I think it’s a structure issue more than anything here. There’s no pressure on him there. He’s seeing a team’s 3rd best defender and not counted on offensively.

We never had enough of a consistent structure for him to thrive - though I will say he’s pretty much been the same player there that he was here.

The difference is the world is seeing him now and it’s in the playoffs. 2 things we can’t provide. Lol

Having two NBA superstars makes life a whole lot easier.


He also did not put anywhere near his best effort forward here and would disappear for seemingly weeks at a time, also wasn’t playing with anything near this level of “want to” on defense.

He disappears there too. Pj is great to have on your until you NEED a solid 15/8 game from him to win.

The second you need pj to be consistent you are in trouble.


That’s great that he’s had two good games lately against OKC. Super happy for PJ and not going to take that away from him.

But he did shoot 28% and 31% from three in those last few months over the regular season. One month he was 37%.

And again, he’s hit 12 threes the last two games. That’s great and all, but when he gets cold, he disappears. It wouldn’t shock me if you told me PJ scored 7 points next game.

Oh, and speaking of structure. Good comments from Charles Lee on his conversation with new GM/basketball ops, Jeff Peterson. Peterson essentially asked charles Lee:

“What is it going to take to build some winning habits here, some more professional habits? And create the right culture of what’s needed for this team?”

For me, huge emphasis on the “professional habits” part that a winning NBA franchise requires. I’ve questioned this team and franchise on so many things. Especially the medical and training aspects.

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Playing with two future hall of famers, including an MVP candidate makes a big difference. I’ve said it time and time again, we’ve had a lot of really good role players but getting the star players is the most difficult part and what has alluded us for almost our entire existence.

Which is also why I think it’s foolish to be talking about trading Melo. While it’s true he has to be on the floor to make a difference, he is a star level player when he’s on the floor and the odds of him being healthy are a lot greater than the odds of us just going out and finding another star level player to replace him when we have rarely been able to get that type of player throughout our existence.


Here is my take after getting the 6th pic. There are 2 players that the teams are going to have trouble getting rid of that we could actually use and get some future draft compensation for, Jason Collins and Harrison Barnes.

Collins could be the pf we need next to Mark while Barnes brings the vet presence we need to guide this group.

Out going Micic, Martin, Thor and Bertans’

Melo, Mann, Smith
Miller, Knect ( 6th), Curry
Miles (resigned), Barnes, McGowens
Collins, G Williams, Poku
M Williams, Richards, FA


I like your thinking, and do agree that Barnes would be the sort of player/personality whose contract is more justifiable/warranted on this roster. We absolutely need an experienced, professional like we had with Marvin Williams.

One point, pardon the pun, of note … I wouldn’t want to move Micic on without replacing him with a genuine PG, which I do not think Mann is, and feel certain Smith is not.

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Uh, yeah co-sign that


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I know I am getting old, she looks about 25.