2023-24 Hornets General Discussion Thread

Then it was pretty brave of the Pelicans to hire her at 8 years old.

I dig the move. More youth and experience in the front office is all plus imo.

Youth with experience too, everyone we’ve hired has 10+ years of experience despite being on the younger side of things.


Are you saying you agree with me? If so I’m going to put in an app for the next up and coming GM.

it wasn’t a critique. it’s that at my age everyone under 35 looks like they can be in college maybe

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I do agree with you yes.

I wonder … now that Detroit has fallen in the draft, do you think it’s more likely they make a play for Miles, as they’re not making a splash with adding a first overall pick in the draft? The front office might feel the need to make and bring in someone of note to appease the fans and media?

I certainly hope so!

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Davis comedy.

Wonder if the cavs would make a good dance partner for a Jarrett Allen - miles bridges s&t?

Making a trade for Mikal Bridges and signing Luke Kennard are the keys to the offseason!

Goga Bitadze is a C I’d like to sign as well, he’s an upgrade over Richards. He to me would be a good starter if Williams is still struggling

Pj Washington, the hero.

That clown had one point with basically one minute left in the game. Typical no-show in a big game. So he hit some shots and then some free throws because people stopped guarding him.

I should’ve added sarcasm font to my post :laughing:. It’s funny, because I stopped following the game in the third quarter and saw he wasn’t doing anything. And I wake up and see he’s the “hero”

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Oh I know bro. We were good to move on from him.

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Man, let that dude have his time. He’s played pretty great in the playoffs. Still happy with the trade, but can’t disrespect that he’s been a key contributor to Dallas going to the conference finals.

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Here’s the thing, this is exactly who pj is. It is always who he will be as a player. He just isn’t needed to be consistent


Oh boy! Here we go? Did anybody see anything?


I just gotta say - how the hell does something like this get to this point


I swear, are we allowed to get one flippin offseason of normalcy?