2023-24 Hornets General Discussion Thread

Reads like an accident. Civil matter should not be a big deal. Plus if it stays civil, then Melo’s attorneys may seek to share the blame:

Was the kid in a restricted access area?

Was the kid properly supervised and did he act irresponsibly?

Was there video footage? (Melo better hope not!)

My question is, Where in the Sam hail was security to throw the kid and his mom out on their @sses? The organization needs to protect the players from the public.

You want Hornets security to throw fans out at a meet and greet event? I hope you aren’t in charge of operations or security of anything larger than family outings.

Hitting a pedestrian is not just a civil matter. And if he left the scene that’s also a hit and run

It’s not a good headline but there’s a lot of factors with something like this

Realgm guys are saying it happened in October. Seems to be something he just needs to payoff and shower the kid with swag.

Bobbleheads for E’rybody!!!

Why was the kid w/in 100 feet of Melo’s moving car much less a foot under the wheel close? Hit and run? Seems more like run into Melo’ car to get hit.

It’s gotten this far because it seems like a BS extortion lawsuit. Who gets their foot run over by a car? Who? Anyway, yes more security willing to use pepper spray to control careless members of the public around the players, coaches, staff, etc is a good thing.

Harassing players for autographs? Not cool.

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@ncborn I will tell you this. If you have Hornets Security pepper spraying kids lawsuits are going to be your smallest worry. Lol


I’m pretty surprised it took them so long to take action if it already happens in October. Why did they not call the police or an ambulance right away? There should have been plenty of eye witnesses at the time whereas now… I don’t know if someone remembers something.

DeBrun says Angell’s family would have filed a claim with Ball’s insurance to pay his medical bills, but the police report is missing key information, like Ball’s insurer and even his name.

“Because that information was not provided, we only have one recourse and that‘s the court system,” DeBrun said.

That could get interesting.

I dont doubt there are cameras with footage of the incident. The only thing that makes any sense to me is the Hornets don’t feel they are liable in the situation.

But even then, I think because of who they are, they should have settled this before it got here. Maybe they tried and the family didn’t think their offer was good enough.

Considering they’re asking for $25,000 for a broken foot, that seems a bit much in my opinion so I can see the path to how it got here. But the Hornets not providing the insurance information is what confuses me. That’s why I think they believe the liability is on the kid’s family.

The interesting thing to me is that the information is missing from the police report. In general we are past the point where police cover for famous athletes and stars. I wonder if this doesn’t get bigger from a police internal type angle

Police reports are very generic these days mainly because they are public record, which is probably why they didn’t share it.

But even then, the organization can easily provide that information. That’s why I think they believe they don’t have any liability. I’ve been a part of similar situations many times and you provide the information to insurance and they can make the determination.

Maybe that happened and they denied the claim - we only have one side of the story so we have to speculate but that is certainly a possibility also.

Great info, thanks. I love learning stuff outside of basketball from this forum

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Celebrity worship is always weird to me. People acting out of sorts for another person? To get a scribble? To get a pic? To touch them?

Melo is a terrible driver, and I hope someone has said something to him at this point. But also, don’t run into the street with a running car in traffic. The event is over, you missed out this time, sorry, don’t chase someone down in the road at a traffic light.

I feel bad for the kid having a broken bone, but its one of those life lessons - don’t jump off bridges, don’t touch a hot stove, don’t try to pet the cute wild mammal with drooling issues, don’t watch porn at work. You should’ve had better common sense, this is what happens when you do dumb things.

And with cameras everywhere, I’m sure Hornets legal team has checked every angle, probably offered to cover bills and give tickets to a few games, but if they were demanding more, good luck convincing a judge.

(Disclaimer: Now if there is the video showing Melo flagging the kid down, getting him to approach, while doing shots and smoking a joint and twirling his mustache, waiting until the kid hits the target, then flipping on his nitro boosters to accelerate through the kid to shatter all his bones while his maniacal laughter echoes throughout the atmosphere, then we’re entering a different realm)

Either way, we get to see national media shake their heads at Charlotte again.

Of course not.


Melo said he ain’t going to be the only one around here limping


Now that’s funny

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Damn Bonzi cant we give the new regime some grace?