2023 draft thread

I agree, sharpe is probably close to untouchable. But man, he’s fucking awesome.

Seriously, if anyone reading this haven’t watched shaedon sharpe highlights from this year, please

The number 2 pick and the right to draft Scoot?

Melo, 27th, 41 for 3, sharpe, and two future firsts?

I’m 99% sure the hornets and blazers will both keep their picks. The hornets will fuck up and draft miller and the blazers will be gifted their Uber talented PG of the future, Scoot.

It’ll be Mitch’s parting gift to the franchise. Like the turd he is.


Guys I’m high on in the first that I wish we would trade up for:

Jett Howard
Bilal Coulibaly
Leonard miller

Fuck the 2nd round picks. I’d trade Thor and/or Kai. And i don’t know why you guys have attachments to Kai and Thor. Sorry, I haven’t seen anything at all from them that says WHOA WE BETTER KEEP THESE GUYS. And Bouknight is a fucking stale fart. Bouk has the same trade value as Gordon Hayward.

I can see Kai developing how Christian Wood did… we’ll let him go and then develops into a good player. I know Wood fell off pretty quickly was he was good for a few years. I just think it’s too early to give him away and I think that’s what we’d be doing if we traded him.

Yeah it’s like we finally start taking some shots on really young, high upside guys who could potentially blossom into something big but when they don’t produce in 2 years we’re ready to throw them away. I think they’re just coming into the stage where you could realistically begin to have some expectations for them.

That being said, I really don’t see it happening with Kai but I hope I’m wrong. And I’m not opposed to trading any of them if there’s better value to be had.

We knew Kai would be a project… it’s kind of crazy to just give up on him right now. This is the year we need to see something though. I know everyone hates Bouk but it did show up at the end of the season. He had some nice games. He still has talent as well. We drafted him in the top 10… don’t need to just give him away either.

Why give up on guys you drafted, in the hope they’d turn into something, to merely trade up a few spots in the draft to … well … draft someone you hope will turn into something?

If we pick a player at #27 who’s 20 years old, 6’8.5" with a huge 7’3.25" wingspan, who has the athletic ability to switch and has played good D, who’s north of 30% from 3 and north of 70% from the line … I’ll be happy with that. But we have that guy in Thor. Point being, I’m not going to throw Thor away, just to move up a few spots in the first round, to simply repeat the process, run out of patience and treadmill.

Take Caleb Martin. He had two ok seasons here. Flashed occasionally, but generally wasn’t up to a rotation standard. In his fourth season he’s a high level rotational piece in the Finals.

So Thor is a no. Kai is a maybe, if I have to (the fact he’s behind two other young centres sways me from saying no outright). Bouknight I’m fine with moving, as much for his character and poor off court decision-making, as for his poor fit on the roster and lack of production. Though I don’t think he has any value, other than to swap for a similarly disappointing former lottery pick, whose skill set and professionalism fits us better.


Im not pounding the table to get rid of Kai and Thor. I just am not super committed to keeping them. I would’ve liked to have seen more. In fact, I think there’s a snowballs chance in hell they get traded. Mitch is fucking stubborn as they get, and he gave up assets to move back into the 1st round for Kai. So Kai is as safe as possible in Charlotte. And yeah, we may have something in Thor. But I just don’t see either of those guys being starter quality players.

Thor was the guy the year before that made me say “WHOA” when he touched the ball.

I just think if we have the chance to move up and grab someone like Bilal Coulibaly or Leonard miller, I’d trade Kai.

So not just trading them for any pick, but more for a specific player in the draft like that who people are really high on.

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It’s crazy how between Bouk, Kai, Thor, and Bryce, that Bryce became the most untouchable (at least to me).

He has the best feel for the game, and best overall skill set with great positional height and length.

I see the vision for Thor, I was starting to doubt him, but once he started finally hitting his shots, if he gets that 3 point shot down consistent, he could add the 3 part to a Thybulle type D.

Kai definitely needs to show some offensive awareness. His athleticism has the ability to alter games, as we could see with his rebounding and blocked shots in limited spurts. But learning how to apply his gifts to impact winning will take more film work and ability to discern when to explode and when to support.

Everything with Bouk depends on summer work. If he’s a pro and grinds, Cliff will notice and give him a chance early in the year. If he’s not playing at all, then we will have our answer as to how much he wanted it this year.

All that said, no one has approached the status of a rotational piece on a playoff roster. Bryce and Thor probably have the best chance, Bryce sooner with some strength.

But if there is a chance to get Kuminga, I think he’s a higher tier prospect thats shown more than Kai and Thor, so if we could do that Golden State swap with Gordon, I’d pull the trigger. Or if an intriguing prospect is still available to draft thats worth a move up, than I think you have to consider what it would take at least.

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I would do this.

Then trade terry

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A young core of


is looking kinda nice. High powered backcourt that could average 50, fast paced, athletic, good shooting and passing lineup. 3 defensive dogs in DSJ, Williams, and Thor if he keeps developing. Great length all across the board.

Scoot and Melo still would be incredible to watch and I think Scoot has more upside, but the team is much easier to balance with Miller involved. Maybe swap with Portland and see what else we can get

Even though Scoot > Miller, Miller + multiple young promising assets + better roster balance > Scoot alone.

But the unmoveable one (the one with the white hair) shall not be disturbed.

I presume they mean the draft in 3 weeks as one of those two “future” draft picks. I wouldn’t do that.

I’m assuming it’s the writer assessing value of 2 future picks, not a specific ask of the Warriors. Maybe swapping out one of our young prospects, or a down the line lottery protected pick, or maybe some of those high second rounders.

I’m still really high on Kuminga, he’s only 20, super athletic, can score and playmake. Think Clifford can help defensively. Would love to steal a prospect like that.

And with Poole, the things I’ve seen him do, he has as much natural talent as any guard out here. I think draymond’s punch messed with his headspace more than anything. A clean slate, I think he’s on the verge of taking off.

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no way. that’s burying the lead. the article says miller + adding poole instead of drafting scoot. or did I just read what i wanted to see?

I’d go for that. I too would look to trade Terry, especially as I’d still be drafting Scoot.

Maybe #27, but Definitely not #2. Remember they advocate drafting Miller, partially due to adding Poole, in the article.

I was curious, I thought they had announced Amen and Ausar were working out for us yesterday.

I know we’re not gonna draft them outside of a trade down (or Amen hits 20 3s in a row), but theres been nothing out about the workout at all. Nothing from the Hornets website or twitter.

Boone had a write up (paywalled) that describes the twins, but not the workout.

Just wondering why it’s so secretive. Portland released their Thompson’s workout. Did Mitch close the workouts for the top prospects when we were drafting Melo?

We will call this the Cody Zeller

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People and the mock drafts last year were able to nail the Mark Williams/Jalen Duren picks because it was the perfect scenario of need and best player available.
If there’s one thing that’s certain about this organization they don’t leak their draft board. Everything you hear regarding this team leading up to the draft is just speculation from outside the building.


Yeah I can totally agree with you on that. And they workout so many players you can’t try to read between the lines either based on who they’re working out.

I personally like the fact that they bring in so many guys to workout. You can look at all the tape you want, but sometimes until you see a guy in person you can’t really know.

And sometimes a player you might be sleeping on comes in and has an absolutely eye popping workout and stellar interview.