2023 draft thread

Couple draft thoughts as the days have gone on.

-wouldn’t be shocked to see the Thompson twins slide a little. They won’t make it out if the top 10 though.
-Taylor Hendricks will go at 5 to Detroit or at 6 to Orlando
-lots of folks projecting cam Whitmore to Detroit. I don’t love that fit. I’m lower on Whitmore than most. He reminds me a lot of miles bridges. Low basketball IQ.
-don’t be surprised if jarace Walker goes higher than 10. I’d rather have Walker than Whitmore.
-Bilal Coulibaly has been a big riser. He’s the kind of player OKC loves. Look for OKC at 12 to pick him, but he won’t slide past NO at 14.
-Leonard Miller won’t be drafted in the lottery range, but it’ll be surprisingly close
-there will be LOTS of movement in this draft, especially teams wanting to get back into the back end of the first. This draft drops off hard after the first few picks or so of the second round.
-the 2024 draft looks weaker, so charlotte would be wise to package their 2023 mélange of picks and even 2024 picks. Even to get back into the very back end of the first round.

Detroit needs to do a serious question roster eval if that is true. Duren, whitmore ,etc they are building a roster that is athletic but not necessarily basketball skilled.

They need shooters and actual basketball talent. Not athletes

Then should they go Grady Dick? He would round out that lineup really well.

But yeah, definitely a hard sell to tank your way to the worst record in the league and end up with Dick.

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Taylor Hendricks would be a good option. Be shot nearly 40% from three.

Flo Thamba? The cousin of Mo Bamba perhaps?? Jk guys.

I see what you did there. That kid from UConn looked really really good. If the hornets didn’t have the 2nd pick, that’s who I would be interested in

Oh, an addition to my list earlier.

I like Jett Howard. I actually like Howard more than Nick Smith and Kobe Bufkin. In particular, I’d stay away from nick smith and Anthony black.

Jett Howard fall to 27 be great. Worst shooting team Need to add 3p shot makers.

Besides Jett or others, at #34 SG Brandin Podzeimski would be a good pick. Like Jett not elite athletics, but an elite maker with good playmaking & IQ.

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Yea, Jett Howard would be a good get at #27. You can definitely see him becoming a long term rotation player in the league.

Relieved to read this

Something brought up today was that Williamson is a Jordan Brand athlete. So maybe Mike is more in tune on him than most, and that being the reason for the rejection. Costing him $$$ by being stupid probably is a good enough reason.

I will be happy with Scoot or Miller but sceard to death we make a trade for a old all star.

Interesting video

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Has anyone his size not had knee issues is my question??? I hope he never gets hurt period

Could not careless about Wemby but at 8:15 he talks about Scoot (theoretically) through Ja Morant and Derrick Rose. I add Steve Francis, John Wall, AI and Scoot to that same Ja and Derrick bucket. If Scoot doesn’t change things and rely more on outside shooting, he will have a short career.

I knew you would carpe that diem.

I am definitely of the mindset that after nearly 20 years of complete barf, I would rather have a 6 year shooting star than a 12 year vanilla pudding.

Anybody here going to the draft party at the arena Thursday Night?

That sounds like a big room of disappointment

If Taylor Hendricks for any reason slides past Washington at 8. If I’m the charlotte hornets, I’m blowing up Utah/Dallas/Orlando at 9/10/11.

I’ll say it: Taylor Hendricks has more upside than Brandon miller, and doesn’t have a history of delivering murder weapons.

Seriously, packaging 27, the good 2nd round picks, future 1sts, players like Kai/Thor/whoever. Or rozier. Taylor Hendricks is going to be great (maybe).


Sounds crazy enough to take a swing at.